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$100Gourmet June 2016 - Kentaro & Keisuke @ Lewin Terrace

Finally decided to give this a try. The $100Gourmet series is a monthly ongoing affair where an award winning overseas chef will fly in to Singapore to pair up with two Singapore-based restaurants to create a collaborative 6-course meal. Priced at SGD100++ per ticket for Citibank cardmembers.

Took a  look at the menu and decided to go for Chef Kentaro Torii and Chef Keisuke Matsumoto's collab at Lewin Terrace. First time to Lewin Terrace and also a first in trying the creations of the two chefs. Expect Italian and French Japanese fusion from Chefs Kentaro and Keisuke.

valet parking
path leading to Lewin Terrace
Chose the 1.30pm seating and the sun beating down on us. Lucky to have requested for indoor dining in the cool airconditioned comfort.

looking outside
indoor comfort

looking forward to the 6-course gourmet dining from Chef Kentaro and Chef Keisuke
fusion of east-west cutlery

Had their namesake cocktail, the "Lewin Terrace". Sweet and refreshing but first time having a cocktail served in such a glass. Haha!

Lewin Terrace cocktail @$18++ - Sake, Yuzu Ju, Sakura Syrup

First course was the "Hassun" or small selections of amuse bouche. Lewin's Chef de Cuisine, Chef Igarashi was on-hand to explain about our first course. There were 6 small items presented. There's Agu Okinawan Pork Rillettes & Onion Tartine, Amakusa 'Buri' Yellowtail Carpaccio, White Asparagus and Truffle Marmalade, Broad Beans Espuma & Pecorino Romano, Mozarella Pannacotta & Tomato and Kumamoto Shrimp with Provence Herbs. This platter of amuse bouche was crafted by both Chef Kentaro and Chef Keisuke.

Hassun (amuse bouche) - (front) Agu Okinawan Pork Rillettes & Onion Tartine and Amakusa 'Buri' Yellowtail Carpaccio

Since Chef Igarashi didn't say which one to start with, I went with the ones from the bottom row. Particularly enjoyed the yellowtail carpaccio, broad beans espuma and the mozarella pannacotta. The least enjoyed item was the shrimp. It tasted rather peculiar!

White Asparagus with Truffle Marmalade
(left to right) Mozarella Pannacotta & Tomato, Broad Beans Espuma & Pecorino Romano

The broad beans fragrance and flavours were good, with lovely mild pecorino cheese taste towards the end of the mouthful. The pannacotta was lovely with its wobbly 'sticky' texture, combined with salty bits of ham (I think?) and sweet tangy tomato.

Next up, was the Foie-Gras & Corn Velouté. Velouté is a French word and means "a white sauce made from a roux of butter and flour with chicken, veal, or pork stock". This dish was the creation of Chef Keisuke Matsumoto. Served in a large bowl and with a thin layer of custard-looking velouté sitting right at the bottom of the bowl. Kind of zen. 

Foie-Gras & Corn Velouté, with soba seeds
do you wonder how the Foie-Gras & Corn Velouté taste like?
The first mouthful brought on a smile. Now I understand. It was like eating an upside down sweet corn crème brûlée. The foie-gras must have been infused into the pudding, and each bite brings about a smokey, slight savoury and sweet crunchy sensation wrapped in silky creme pudding. What a lovely dish!

After the teasers, now it was time for something more substantial. Chef Kentaro's Tagliolini. When this dish was brought out, our attention fell onto the Kumamoto Noble Scallop with its interestingly, brightly coloured shell. "Natural colours." We were informed. So cool to see bright orange and purple coloured scallops shells!

Tagliolini - Kumamoto Noble Scallop, Mussel, Saffron Sauce, Bottarga and Lemon

The Tagliolini was topped with dried (or was it deepfried? Sorry, my memory is failing...) chopped parsley and rocket leaves for the herbed flavours. If you're expecting a burst of umami flavours... don't. It was a given that the pasta was cooked to the perfect texture. The small mussels were rather cute and lent a somewhat slightly briny flavour to the dish. First time having bottarga too. Bottarga is a delicacy of salted, cured fish roe.'s one of those things that you either like or don't like.

Next, Chef Keisuke Matsumoto himself came to the table to present his creation; the Amakusa Sea Bream with Shiso, Tomato and Purslane. I must say that it is kind of rare to see Purslane used in restaurants. This plate has many components going in it; sharp herby shiso flavour, sweet flavours from leek, carrot puree and tomato, the slightly salty and bitter taste of purslane, and it was a pleasure to enjoy each distinctive taste profile as well as the overall harmony of those flavours. The sea bream seemed to be the blank canvas that drew out the rest of the flavours.

Amakusa Sea Bream

Next, was the highlight of the meal. Chef Kentaro's 'Steak & Chips'. Comprising of a succulent gorgeous-looking Kagoshima Wagyu Sirloin, and potato textures. I think the potato textures referred to potato done two-ways; fried potato squares and creamy mash. Served with two small ravioli-like parcels of cheese and pickled onion.

For this main course, Chef Kentaro himself was there to present his dish, asked us about the food and to put the finishing touch, of drizzling some beef jus over the juicy steak.

Steak & Chips
look at that juicy grilled Kagoshima wagyu steak

Yummy and satisfying. Grilled Kagoshima wagyu, I liked you a lot! Such a charming dish. 

If the Sea Bream dish was like a walk in the park where one could leisurely spot a squirrel, pretty flowers and birds chirping, the Steak & Chips was more like going to an amusement park and head-on straight to the rollercoaster! 

Soon, it was the last course of the meal, the desserts. It was as pretty as a picture. Assembled to resemble  a tree, it felt like summer.

Miyagi Strawberry Two Ways
White Chocolate, White Balsamic Vinegar and Passionfruit (Chef Kentaro's Italian sweets)
Baba Bouchon, Bee Pollen, French Rum (Chef Keisuke's French sweets)

And, we had coffee with our desserts.

coffee @$6++

Overall, quite an interesting experience. Service was good and we enjoyed our food. Thank you to the Chefs and staff of Lewin Terrace. And thanks dear friend for your company.

Lewin Terrace

Address: 21 Lewin Terrace Singapore, Singapore 179290
Contact: 63339905
Business Hours:
Monday to Sunday
Lunch: 12:00pm – 03:00pm (Last order at 02:00pm)
Dinner: 06.30pm – 11:00pm (Last order at 09.30pm)


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