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Travel | Bangkok 15 to 17 May 2016 | Daeng Seafood

We did our touristy stuff on a Monday by going to the Damnoen Saduak Floating Market. Since the floating market is around Mae Klong area, decided to vist Daeng Seafood as Tracy and Hence, have had this before and they liked it quite a bit. Our driver was not familiar with the area so it took some time before we found this hidden gem. Actually, we thought it was hidden, but there's plenty of reviews on Tripadvisor!

outside of the restaurant
walk right in, turn right

The place feels pretty old school but thankfully, there's airconditioned dining area. We reached before 12pm and a large group of diners had just finished their meal.

drinks, self-service
order chit - all written in Thai

None of us could converse in Thai, and none of the staff could converse in English. But they tried. A younger staff got roped in or rather got sabo'ed by his colleagues (he looked like a university student) to talk to us in English. It was still pretty much point and sign language but luckily, they brought out a dual-language menu with pictures!

with this, we shall order!

Our table ordered up a storm, or rather, we didn't practice any restraint. It was a feast, a buffet of seafood! Not in an actual sense, but we ate to our hearts' content. So shioks!

To start, we had the Tom Yum Goong to whet our appetites. A big steel pot with charcoal fire. The soup was spicy, tangy and sharp. Just the way we liked it. Be careful that as it kept bubbling, the water evaporates and the flavours intensified to a level that's just a bit too salty for us. Best to drink it before it boils too much.

tom yum goong ต้มยำกุ้ง @ ฿300
huge huge prawns

Then, dishes after dishes started to arrive. 

The fried rice with shrimp looked more like tomato prawns with a bit of rice. The plate that we ordered was supposed to be small, but it looked more like a medium sized plate to me! Amazingly packed with many 'shrimps' that were quite a good size, attractive reddish hue and good flavours. Would have eaten more of this, if weren't for the fact that there were many more dishes on the table.

fried rice with shrimp @ ฿150 (small)

Another popular dish to eat in Thailand, the fried crab meat with curry. It was heavenly and so convenient to eat! Again, the 'small' plate looks kind of huge! Was getting my mind blown by every 'small' sized dish that appeared.

fried crab meat with curry @ ฿450 (small)

The crab meat in curry was not very curry-like and was somewhat sweet and thoroughly enjoyable. The sweet fresh taste of the crab meat was quite apparent. It was just spoonfuls after spoonfuls of crab meat and sauce into the mouth. Yums.

Got crabs, got prawns and now squid came along. Accompanied by garlic 'puffs'. Cooked whole garlic cloves maketh the puff? Looks like a simple dish and tasted fresh and good. The cooked garlic was not pungent and actually more chestnut-ty than garlicky.

garlic puff squid @ ฿200
fried snapper garlic @ ฿350 (small)

Here's another picture to put into perspective of how small is defined at Daeng Seafood. Size aside, the fish is meaty and firm. Preferred it with sauce, as it was abit too dry for me. But a good price for one whole fish, at just SGD14.

good size, good price
steamed crabs (1kg @ ฿1,400)
enjoying our seafood together

It was a very good meal for 4 adults. It could have easily fed up to 6 pax.Thankful to have the opportunity to be able to experience and to enjoy fresh seafood at a fraction of the cost as compared to in SG.

Thank you Tracy (and your local friend) for recommending this place and the dishes to order.

Daeng Seafood

Address: Mae Klong, Mueang Samut Songkhram District, Samut Songkhram, Thailand


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