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Travel | Bangkok 15 to 17 May 2016 | Karmakamet Secret World - Aromatic Shop & Diner

Love our impromptu'ness, our spontaneity. In other words, we didn't have a plan. Well, at least not for that night. It was a lazy Sunday, we had our late lunch at Thanying. Ate our meal slowly, almost like a kaiseki course and by the time we were done, it was already late evening. We were too full for dinner and abit too late to go traipsing around. And so, we remembered Elle and her instagram post of a giant candy floss.

That place was really really near Thanying, so we decided to go for it. Let's go! Took a cab and it brought us to some condominium. Then we were stopped by security as cars weren't allowed past a certain point. Ooh, and we saw people walking out and figured, they don't look like residents but more like patrons of a cafe. Went to investigate and true enough, we found the secret diner.

is it really here?


let's go

This place smells so good. This wasn't my first encounter with Karmakamet. It was way back in 2010 where we stumbled upon this aromatherapy shop near JJ Market (Chatuchak).

step right in, to another world

The soothing aromatics, the cosy ambiance combined with industrial felt somewhat surreal. Almost anime like. For some odd reason, I was reminded of Fullmetal Alchemist.

drawers of potions?

Liked the stained menu, feels like old world. I'm charmed. The other diners seemed to be from the artistic/creative crowd.

mostly western
something to drink?

every nook and corner looks interesting

Many patrons were seen taking photographs, exploring the lovely corners. The service staff were all friendly and welcoming.

Ivan's drink (alcoholic)
double espresso @ ‎฿110
the gigantic ball of candy floss

Yes, we did get the giant ball of candy floss. It was named as "Strawberry Shortcake on the Clouds". Such fluffy, dreamy name. Little did we know...we were in for a disappointment.

But first, where is the strawberry shortcake? Though, it was also rather fun to dunk a chunk of the floss into the espresso to see it disappear and also to act as sweetener.

strawberry shortcake?
yoghurt?! I want cake!

Luckily, the group ordered another dessert. The usual chocolate lava cake and a creme brulee. Lovely parmesan cracker too. That scoop of ice cream was good too. This dessert was more agreeable than the earlier fluffy one.

chocolate lava and creme brulee

Karmakamet is suited for intimate dinners. The ambiance, lighting, mood was all quite romantic.

lovely ambiance

Karmakamet Secret World - Aromatic Shop & Diner

Address: Metheenivet, Klongton, Klongtoey, 30 Soi 1, Khwaeng Ram Inthra, Khet Khan Na Yao, Bangkok 10230, Thailand
Contact+66 2 262 0700
Business Hours: 10am to 1130pm


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