Tuesday, June 21, 2016

RedDot Brewhouse @ Dempsey

Visited recently and discovered that their menu had changed somewhat. There was a special brew called Yuzu Biru in the drinks menu. Was interested to try that but it was unavailable on the day of visit. Also noticed that they do seasonal drinks per month. So for the month of June, it is the Saison, described as a Belgian ale with citrusy spicy pepper flavour, floral aroma, medium bodied and dry finish. Ok, liked all that was described except the spicy pepper flavour.

I liked the Saison, and thankfully the spicy pepper taste, was barely noticeable. As refreshing as the Kölsch but with a stronger finish. It was a mid-week night and the place was not very crowded. For food, we ordered the chicken wings and fish & chips to share. Oops, both deep fried!

Zing Wings
Fish & Chips

The fish and chips had some thick batter and that made the taste a tad doughy but it did fill us up quite a bit. Good for the hungries.

Monster Green Lager
Ended with a Monster Green, which is a spirulina infused lager beer. This drink is synonymous with Reddot. Who says, I didn't have any greens that day?

Expect to spend about $45 per pax.


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