Sunday, June 12, 2016

[Media Invite] Cucina Italian Restaurant @ Aperia Mall Kallang

Aperia Mall is some 10 minutes distance away from the Kallang MRT. I was lost and ended up having to ask for directions from the good people at 7-Eleven.

Aperia Mall, as seen from across the road

Aperia Mall is actually a huge space with plenty of dining options. If you're looking for restaurants that has plenty of seats and able to accommodate large groups, can consider the restaurants in Aperia Mall. Quiet on weekday nights too.

First time at Aperia Mall and first time trying Cucina Italian Restaurant. Click on the links to check-out Cucina's current promotions at Groupon as well as Hungrygowhere.

set meals are available
what shall we eat?

If you are around the area during lunch hour, you may want to try their lunch pasta special at just $8.90++. Otherwise, there's also an All Day Special Meal @$12.90++.

Lunch Special
more options for All Day Special Meals

Was there for dinner, so we tried quite a bit of starters and main courses. What would be your wine of choice when having Italian food? At Cucina, had a glass of housepour red of Cabernet Sauvignon from Chile. Usually, am not for Chilean wine but found the Cabernet Sauvignon at Cucina pretty drinkable.

housepour red

If you prefer Italian wine, there's only one choice at the moment.

Italian wine
For starters, we had bruschetta, soups, pumpkin salad, rolled parma ham and sauteed vongole.

Zuppa di mare (fresh seafood soup) @$12.90++

Gil Involtini di Proscuitto di Parma (rolled parma ham stuffed with rocket leaves) @$15.90++

Saute Vongole @$15.90++
Pumpkin Salad @$13.90++
Sauteed mushrooms @$10.90++

Of all the appetisers, am favouring the rolled parma ham stuffed with rocket leaves and mascarpone cheese dressed with balsamico. Also liked the bruschetta al Pomodoro, the pumpkin salad and sauteed mushrooms.

Tried the Quattro Stagioni where one gets four flavours in a pizza. Perfect for the undecided. Thin crust, and plenty of cheese. Expect strong flavours. The mushrooms topping was quite lovely.

Pizza Quattro Stagioni - mushroom, seafood with tomatoes, parma ham and pepperoni @$27.90++

Also sampled a risotto and a pasta dish before we proceeded with the meats. Both were pleasant.

Seafood Risotto @$28.90++
Aglio Olio e Peperoncino con Granchi (crabmeat pasta with garlic, olive oil) @$30.90++

Then, of course the meats. Who would've thought that an Italian place would have duck confit? If you're not sure of which meats to get, then perhaps get a platter with 3 types of meats; lamb, ribeye and chicken.

Duck Confit @$32.90++
Primo e base de carne with red wine sauce @$42.90++

Would recommend the lamb cutlet. Good stuff as it was very tender and not too gamey. Seasoned perfectly too. The chicken was good too but tasted a tad too Asian'ish. Would have preferred medium rare for the ribeye as medium doneness was rather chewy.

The favourite for the table, was the grilled barramundi in safron cream sauce. Sounds like fusion but it sure tasted good! Fish was firm and well cooked with a hint of sweetness.

Grilled Barramundi in saffron cream @$28.90++

And, we ended with tiramisu. Don't we always order tiramisu in every Italian restaurant in Singapore?

Tiramisu @$11.90++

Thank you Cucina Italian Restaurant for hosting the dinner and the good folks of HGW for the invite.


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