Saturday, July 2, 2016

[Promotion] Buttertrade - Online Marketplace Connecting Boutique Bakeries and One-Stop Solution for Cake Buying

Once in a while, we will see an online post or instagram pictures of non-mainstream bakers and their bakes. Kind of intriguing as there will be custom designs or unique flavours that might not be so readily available at the larger mainstream bakeries. Most of these boutique bakers will have their own media portal for customers to access and order their bakes. However, consumers will still need to search for these individually. Wouldn't it be nice if these are consolidated and accessible by a single portal?

Now we can, with Buttertrade ( Just got to know of this site and found it interesting and useful. Consumers can access to about 11 boutique bakers through this website and place their order for the cakes offered by these unique bakeries. Shop from Ugly Cake Shop (mentioned by Alvinology), Bloomsbury Bakers (mentioned by Miss Tam Chiak), My Fat Lady Cakes and Bakes (mentioned by Daniel Food Diary), and A Han Bakes amongst others.

A Han Bakes specializes in custom cakes, and desserts table for weddings or parties. Have not tried their bakes yet, but if you would like to, here is what readers of Purple Taste could enjoy (courtesy of Buttertrade):

30% off all cakes (including bespoke miniature cake)  from A Han Bakes on weekdays.

Promotion code:  30%offwithpurpletaste
Terms and conditions

  • Expiry date: 30th July 2016
  • Buttertrade reserves the right of final decision

Here are some screenshots on how to enter the promo code in Buttertrade:
how to redeem
30%offwithpurpletaste promo code applied

To learn more about Buttertrade's delivery charges, here is the link:

Happy Shopping!

Special thanks to Buttertrade for extending the promo code to Purple Taste readers.


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