Friday, July 15, 2016

Kite @ Craig Road

It was after an event at Red Dot Design Museum on a Friday night and we, the girls, wanted to have a place to chill and chit-chat. But, we are three equally fickle-minded or rather the better term would be 随和 (amicable) ladies, ended up walking everywhere to find that place. Passed by Orchard Hotel and saw the super long queues for Ramen Keisuke, Keisuke Gyoza King, Hana Hana and etc. Ok, no gyoza is possible for that night.

Walked on and passed by Korean restaurants and desserts place that peppered around Tanjong Pagar area. Ok, we weren't that hungry so no Korean for us. Jen needed coffee, Kris needed some food and all of us needed air-conditioning as the weather was super humid and hot. Kris brought us to Kite and no questions asked, for we unanimously agreed as we needed to rest our tired soles.

The place was dimly lit, gave a comfortable cosy feel and looked more bar'ish than cafe'ish when night falls.
Service was friendly and welcoming.

bar counter
anyone knows the story of kite logo?

I think its menu was designed by young people with perfect eyesight. With lights that dim, and font size was very very difficult to see what's on the menu.

food menu
Happy Hour which we missed as we arrived around 9pm
The menu looked pretty interesting with modern fusion food and since Kris had been there before, pretty much left it to her to order our snacks.

When we said, we'll go drinking together...this was what happened. Kris satisfied with ice-cold water, Jen with a cup of hot latte and I'll take a glass of wine. We celebrate diversity.

drinking together

Jen's latte with abstract art
Gerard Bertrand, Languedoc-Roussillon, France, Gris-Blanc 2014

Our first snack was the Chili Miso Chicken Mid-wings, an item from the Bar Snacks section, available from 10pm onwards. It looked a tad like blackened chicken and very strongly flavoured. Spice level was rather mild though. Think it goes well with cider or beer, otherwise it came across as rather salty for us.

Chili Miso Chicken Mid-wings @$12+

Next up, was something from the ala-carte dinner menu; the Ubin Seabass. A rather smallish plate with just a few fish slices on it. However, we were surprised by its taste. Every component on that plate, from the ingredients to the seasoning, flavouring and worked.

Ubin Seabass @$14+

Served with lotus roots that tasted a tad dehydrated with a somewhat chewy texture but nicely sweet. Then combined with a slight herby green flavour of the sprouts and soothed over by the creamy yellow sauce and beneath the sauce, there were some dollops of what looked like sesame paste. It tasted pretty much like sesame peanut buttery but this was revealed to be the sunflower seeds. Try it and let me know what you think of the sauce.

yes, the seabass is somewhere in there

Next, we had a pleasant surprise due to Kris's wide network of friends, we got to enjoy a complimentary plate of "Chicken Rice" Crackers. The moniker of "chicken rice" came about due to the use of chicken rice chili and kecap manis that serves as the condiment for this snack. The tapioca crackers were enjoyable but will turn soggy when left soaking in the chili for too long. Good with the bar drinks.

"Chicken Rice" Crackers @$6+

We kept seeing this plate of desserts being ordered, so the curious us also ordered the same. Turned out to be a chocolatey dessert called chocolate forest. Made of caramelized white chocolate, nut soil and herbs. Pretty to look at, and I think I enjoyed it quite a bit since it is not that often I get to eat pretty desserts like these. Haven't been too exposed to the edible soil thingy.

Chocolate Forest @$15+

Surprise find of this dish? The real mushrooms. Yeah, not chocolate white mushroom but really, the actual shrooms shroom. Luckily, it didn't taste weird with the rest of the stufs. There's some passionfruit sauce (Not too sure but it tasted like one) buried underneath the 'soil' and when eaten together, you'll get a dose of sharp tangy fruity distinct taste of the fruit, salty bits from the soil and sweet bits from the chocolates plus some slight herby taste if you happen to bite into any of those green herbs. Not too strong, and overall pretty enjoyable with the dry crumbly texture combined with some gooey sweet texture from the chocolate and passionfruit sauce.

nom nom

Expect to spend about $30+ per pax for some shared light bites and a drink. A single dish from the ala-carte mains may not be enough for a proper meal. If I'm in a cosy group of 2 and am at Kite for a meal, then I'd probably order one or two appetisers to share. Then, from the hot food section, we'd get a meat dish and from the cold food section, the mentaiko somen sounds nice for some carbs and finish off with a dessert to share. Of course, each with a drink. Allocate about $60+ per pax, or you could opt for the set dinner sharing menu for 2 pax at $110+ (without drinks) where you get to try more items as this set dinner has about 8 things in it.

Am glad to be able to explore new places with my fellow foodies, Kris and Jen. Your company on a Friday night was truly a blessing. Thank you for sharing the laughter.


Contact: +65 9729 7988
Business Hours:
Tuesday - Friday 12 pm - 230 pm

Tuesday - Sunday 6 pm - 10 pm

Tuesday - Saturday 6pm - 12mn


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