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Elemen 元素 @ Millenia Walk

For our foodies get-together, Elemen @ Millenia Walk was suggested. Rather unusual choice but we gave it a try. One of our new friend liked the place quite a bit and has been there for a few times already. Reservations were made (which we later learnt was quite a necessity) and at the appointed date, we turned up for brunch at Elemen.

Elemen is located at Level 1 of Millenia Walk and was quite easy to find. The shop ambiance was refreshing with a rather spacious dining area.

Once seated, diners could peruse the paper menu or via the tablet. When ready, just order via the tablet device. One could opt for course set menus of 5-courses @$23.80++ or 8-courses @$32.80++, or go ala-carte.

menu cum ordering pad
traditional menu

Basically the items in ala-carte are the same as those that you can mix and match into the course sets. For ala-carte menu, the starters price ranges from $2.80++, salads goes for $5.80++ while soups can be as high as $8.80++. Main courses generally either $12.80++ or $15.80++ while desserts are priced at $5.80++, $6.80++ and $8.80++.

Liked the restaurant's versatility in terms of not making it compulsory for everyone at the same table to order all ala-cartes or all course sets. For our group of 9 pax, we ordered 2 x 8-courses set and a few ala-carte mains.

rosemary infused water
(included in 8-Course Set) Elemen Appetiser @$4.80++ and apple cider

Didn't manage to taste the Elemen Appetiser except for the small squares of sesame pudding. Nice intense sesame flavours in the beginning but it finishes with a burnt after taste. The apple cider tasted like a sharp version of apple juice.

tomato looks inviting
Wild Mushroom Cream Soup with Truffle Oil
Double Boiled Maca Soup @$8.80++

We chose soups from western and asian influenced. The mushroom cream soup was thick and not too overpowering. It was unfortunate that by the time I managed to get a sip, the soup had turned cold. With all the items served on the table, it was tough to pay equal attention to each dish. The Asian styled Maca soup was pleasant and tasty.

Avocado Salad with BBQ sauce @$5.80++
Mushroom Salad @$5.80++

Gosh, I think I might had missed out on the avocado salad! Haha, what a bummer. Nevertheless, managed to have a bite of the mushroom salad. It looked pretty cute with the plump stem. Light earthy flavour.

For mains, we ordered mostly Asian items. We tried the Tempura Tofu with Avocado Roll, Oven Baked Mountain Yam with Walnut, Braised Pumpkin with Glutinous Rice in Hot Stone and a relatively new item at Elemen, the Japanese Curry Noodles with Beancurd Roll.

Tempura Tofu with Avocado Roll @$15.80++

The Tempura Tofu with Avocado Roll was done up very nicely. Easy to share too! The sushi rice was good and it goes well with the fried bits and the sauce.  Yummy and quite worthwhile to get it in a set. Tasted like something one could get from a Japanese restaurant.

Yet, another Japanese-inspired dish. Japanese Curry Udon with Beancurd Roll may not look pretty but it tasted quite likeable. The sweetish Japanese curry that wasn't too thick, the strands of thin udon that required a bath in the curry gravy, ample leafy greens and lovely beancurd roll too. Surprise find was the chestnuts. 

Japanese Curry Noodles with Beancurd Roll @$12.80++
Next, two dishes that were recommended by foodie friend that had dined at Elemen before. The Wild Mushroom and White Truffle Pizza and the Braised Pumpkin with Glutinous Rice in HotStone.

The pizza was thin-crusted and crispy round its edges. The toppings were not overpowering and great for sharing.

Wild Mushroom and White Truffle Pizza @$15.80++
Braised Pumpkin with Glutinous Rice in Hot Stone @$15.80++
The braised pumpkin hotstone pot was served bubbling. There's green apples, pumpkin, and king oyster mushroom in there. The sauce is made of red wine and teriyaki sauce. The crispy glutinous rice would soften once its soaked enough in the pot.

yuzu mint mojito @$4.80++

For drinks, there are four choices in each of the hot or cold beverage categories. Chose Yuzu Mint Mojito for something cold and the Lychee Black Tea from the hot selection.

The cold yuzu mint mojito had a tad too much ice in it and that kind of diluted it a little. Nevertheless, it was refreshing on a warm day.

The hot Lychee Black Tea was served in lovely black teapot that was pretty heavy. The tea has been properly infused and the fragrance of lychee was noticeable.

Lychee Black Tea @$4.80++

For the Course Sets, we got ourselves desserts; the interesting purple-coloured Sweet Potato Puree and the previously most-ordered cafe dessert of chocolate lava cake served with gelato.

The Sweet Potato Puree offered an unadulterated taste of sweet potato. Mild and light. As for the chocolate lava cake, it was decent and pretty enjoyable. Just don't expect the lava to flow out.

Sweet Potato Puree @$5.80++

Chocolate Lava Cake with Gelato @$8.80++

On the overall, we thought it was quite a good value to get the course-set when you're dining at Elemen.

For a 5-Course Set @$23.80++, one gets:
  • 1x Elemen Appetiser
  • 1x Salad/Soup
  • 1x Main
  • 1x Dessert
  • 1x Drink
For 8-Course Set @$32.80++, one gets:
  • 1x Elemen Appetiser
  • 1x Rosemary Breadstick with yoghurt sauce
  • 1x Salad
  • 1x Soup
  • 1x Apple Cider
  • 1x Main
  • 1x Dessert
  • 1x Drink

Recommended for families, large groups or anyone that would like to dine in a comfortable environment to enjoy meatless dishes.


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