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[Media Invite] The Quarters - Inspired Singapore Cuisine @ Icon Village

The Quarters is located at Icon Village and near Matchaya and Cold Storage. The Quarters serves local inspired flavours, executing the dish with a whole lot of passion and presenting it to diners in a comfortable cafe-bistro like setting. Was invited by Kris to join fellow foodie gang to have a taste of Chef Chung Deming's creations.

But of course, the direction-less me managed to get myself lost. But that's only because I didn't realise that The Quarters is located in Icon Village, here's a short video showing to to get there when you're at Icon Village doorstep.

Ok, the place is cosy and there are some on-going promotion for the month of August. Like the 1-for-1 main course (3 selected mains; Ma Jie Indulgence (chili crab pasta), Fish & Chips and Satay Burger), or get The Real McCoy (salted eggyolk chicken burger) with a dessert for just $20.

promotion board
coffee, beer or...

So what exactly do they serve here at The Quarters? Let's have a look at their menu board.

you're welcome
Ok, the names in the menu can be quite a mouthful. Let's have some starters while taking enough time to decide on the mains.
Shioks Fries aka Shoestring (double-fried of course!) Fries Half&Half in Salted Egg Yolk and Chili Crab Sauce @$14
Pricey fries, but oh so good. Real crab meat is included. Loved the way the mildly sweet spicy chili crab cuts away some of the richness of the creamy salted eggyolk sauce. The enjoyment is only possible because the fries were good. Still managed to retain its crispiness amidst being doused in double-sauce. As Tiara puts it, once you can't stop.

If you have a beer/cider on hand, how about some har cheong popcorn gai (chicken) with power belachan dip? Liked the level of spice in the power belachan but together with the well marinated har cheong gai, the combo could come across as a tad too salty if it was eaten on its own without some soda or beer.

Har Cheong Gai @$9.50

Having tasted the appetisers, now let's proceed to main course.

First up, The Real McCoy. Imagine crispy oat battered chicken thigh meat that has been marinated for 24-hours in buttermilk and 'secret' spices. And coat this with lots of golden sandy velvety salted eggyolk sauce. The smell of the sauce was quite strong but its taste was interestingly balanced. Chef Chung shared that this was to allow all the three major components of chicken marinade, crispy oats and salted eggyolk sauce to be showcased.

The Real McCoy @ $14 (usual price: $16)

The Real McCoy was quite a substantial burger and we used the remaining fries to mop up the salted eggyolk sauce. Don't waste.

lunch crowd can opt for local flavoured donburis

The other burger we tried, was The Satay Burger. What's so difficult about a satay burger? Just slap on some peanut sauce and turmeric, onions, and lemongrass marinated grilled chicken meat lor. Hmm, not so fast and not so easy. Perhaps there's an easier way but Chef Chung has his own methodology of doing things due to his passion in delivering a dish that's not only packed with locally inspired flavours but made with heart.

The Satay Burger @$17

The Satay Burger came with Chef's choice of charred rice patties that's smokey and crisp on the outside and chewy on the insides. In between, we have well marinated chicken thigh and a small jar of Javanese peanut sauce. Assemble the julienned cucumbers and onions into the burger and that completes the satay experience when one bites into it. Right flavours but need a bigger portion of this. Upsize?

Or, get a dessert?

You have heard all about duriancanboleh created by Chef Chung. Why, here's a website dedicated to the pud:

So we tried a different flavour, the passionfruit creme brulee. Soft and creamy.

Passionfruit creme brulee @$8.50
Or, try their Wonderffle topped with Lemongrass and Pandan ice-creams topped with gula melaka glaze. Quite lovely.

Wonderffle @$12.80
handmade ice-creams

Thank you The Quarters and Chef Chung Deming for hosting us and Kris for the invite. Plus, the enjoyable company of fellow foodies.

You can also get the Salted Eggyolk Chili Crab Fries and The Real McCoy from their outlet at Timbre+.

If you enjoyed their sauces, you can purchase their bottled sauces and recreate the local flavours at home.

bottled power belachan and salted eggyolk aioli


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