Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Empire State Restaurant @ Causeway Point

Was there recently for late lunch. Causeway Point sure is crowded on a Sunday! Empire State has ongoing promotions where senior citizens aged 55 and above can do a buy 1 get 1 free. Or choose the $19.90++ pasta combo set where one can choose salmon & prawn pasta combo or glazed ribs and ribeye pasta combo and includes drink and soup. Am just going to use my Entertainer App.


Ordered 4 main courses to share. Tried the BBQ Pork Ribs, Fish & Chips, Herb Chicken and Squid Ink Pasta.

Herb Chicken @$13.90++
Fish & Chips @$15.90++

The chicken had a mild herb flavour, possibly rosemary. Chicken was alright, and not too dry. The fries needed improvement as it tasted limp.

The fish & chips was a single big slab of crispy battered fish. I think it was dory fish. The slaw was enjoyable although a tad too watery.

BBQ Pork Ribs @$17.90++

Squid Ink Pasta @$15.90++

The pork ribs was a tad too tough but tasty enough. The surprise find was the squid ink pasta which everyone thoroughly enjoyed. Strongly flavoured and tasted good. The prawns and squid was rather limited edition though.

This place is suitable for family and the ongoing promotions made it viable for a family of 6 pax to dine there for about $10 per pax.


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