Sunday, July 31, 2016

Morganfield's Singapore - Weekend Ribs Buffet @ Star Vista

For pork ribs lovers, you can indulge in Morganfield's Weekend Ribs Buffet that is currently available every weekend on Saturday, Sundays and Public Holidays from 11am to 4pm at $40++ per pax. Unlimited servings of delicious tender tasty sticky bones! Plus, there are some sides to provide a bit of distraction from the ribs.

Also, don't worry if drinks is not inclusive in the buffet as $11++ could get you a pint of Asahi or Kronenbourg draft. How about your children, you're asking? Kids below 6 years old eat for free with their paying adult. Maximum of two kids per table redemption. What about if there is an adult in the party who doesn't want to get the buffet? No problem too as ala-carte dishes are still available. Good to know that there is no requirements for all in the party to get the buffet as long as the buffet food is not shared to non-buffet person.

Morganfield's need no further introduction and I've been there multiple times, with most visit to Star Vista outlet. Noticed that their weekday set lunch deals (comes with a drink and a soup with the main course) menu had expanded a little over the years. Now, besides the grilled and half-rack sticky bones, there are sandwiches and salads too.

window seat
For Weekend Ribs Buffet, simply indicate into the order chit your order and the quantity. One portion of the buffet ala-carte stickby bones is a quarter of a slab and that translates to two bones.

indicate your order

The good thing about the ribs buffet, was that it allowed the customer to try more than 1 flavour in one sitting. We tried quarter slab of each flavour just to see which one we liked more.

all four flavours please
And what better to accompany the smokey, sauce slathered sticky bones? Beer, of course. There might be on-going craft beer (bottled) promotions, so do enquire from staff.

American craft

I prefer my Asahi, while bro got his Kronenbourg Lager. Refreshing on a warm day.

Asahi glass seemed bigger!
I think I ordered garden veggies, and was expecting some green leaves but it turned out to be hardy vegetables instead. Should've gotten coleslaw instead!

garden veggies

Was quite impressed with the plate of sticky bones. Quarter slab of each flavour. Very long and big bones, yay!

quarter slab sticky bones (right to left): Hickory BBQ, Smoked Peppercorn, Spicy Asian, Garlic BBQ
We started from mild to strong flavours. The Hickory BBQ which is their original sticky bones. Lovely meat, fork tender while retaining some bite. Loved the fatty charred bits. The smoked peppercorn has a tinge of spice to it but still pleasantly mild.
Garlic BBQ - close up

Next, the Spicy Asian seemed to have that soy based flavour and although there's a dried chili pepper adorning that quarter, it wasn't as spicy as it looked. Lovely char. Next, was what my bro called the tastiest of the lot, the Garlic BBQ. Indeed, it was also the strongest in flavour. Goes well with beer and loved the crunchy garlic bits.

yummy tender meat


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