Monday, July 4, 2016

[Media Invite] The House of Robert Timms @ Wheelock Place | GSS 2016 Food Trail

From 3 June to 14 August, The House of Robert Timms is offering 50% second main (ala-carte menu only) that's valid daily, all day. Hence, do grab a friend to enjoy this offer. We traipsed down to Wheelock Place for the second stop in the food trail. Read about our first stop here. Traipsed is a misnomer, we actually drove down to Wheelock Place. =P

sweets, cakes and pastries
bottled drinks

It's been a few years since my last visit to The House of Robert Timms and the decor still looked the same. And, have yet to try any Lamingtons! But I do remember the hearty portions of main course at Robert Timms.

ready for our mains

Ordered up 3 mains to try. We had the Ultimate Fry Up (breakfast food), Fish & Chips and the Pork Ribs.
Robert Timm's Ultimate Fry Up @$25++

The Ultimate Fry Up is essentially a create-your-own-breakfast kind of thing. Choose a choice of egg, two choices of proteins and choice of three veggies. As simple as 1-2-3. Literally. (pun intended, sorry can't resist)

Grilled tomato, mushrooms and arugula salad formed the vege components. Other vege components include baked beans, buttered vegetables and garlic roasted baby potatoes. For proteins, we chose crispy bacon and smoked salmon. Other available choicese are honey glazed ham, chicken cheese sausages and grilled chicken. For eggs, scrambled was our choice. The other styles of eggs are sunny side up, poached and overeasy.

Ultimate Fry Up - may feed two or one really ravenous person

Lovely scrambled egg that was seasoned just right and that crispy bacon was by far, one of the few that retained its crispiness. First impression of this dish, was its presentation was a tad too 'compartmentalized'. The picture of this in its menu looked more 'inviting' in its presentation. Personal thoughts only.

menu - Ultimate Fry Up

Next up, Fish & Chips. One large snapper fillet battered with Victoria Bitters beer and deep fried, and served with coleslaw and fries.

Robert Timm's Fish & Chips @$25.50++

Victoria Bitters beer battered snapper

Lastly, we sampled the Aussie Baby Ribs. The marinade was seasoned rather strongly, so these ribs would work pretty well with cider or beer. The meat was tender but not mushy. Would gladly eat one plate of these on my own.

Aussie Baby Ribs @$28++
tender flavourful ribs

Friendly service from the staff, and complimentary tap water is available. Otherwise, coffee, tea, soda, cider and beer are all available as well.

organic hot chocolate @$7.50++

Expect to spend about $33 per pax for a main course and a drink.

View and book HGW GSS deals here. Or, call reservation hotline (68846884). GSS offers ends on 14 August 2016.


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