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[Media Invite] Indocafe - the white house @ Scotts Road | GSS 2016 Food Trail

In conjunction with GSS 2016, Indocafe is offering ala-carte weekday buffet @$29++ and weekend buffet @ $33++ (valid on PH as well) via HGW HungryDeals from 3 June till 14 August 2016. Minimum two to dine for the ala-carte buffet.

Was invited by the kind folks of HGW to sample the ala-carte buffet at Indocafe. Have always passed by this exclusive looking dining place and this was the first visit with fellow foodies; littledevil_98, chubbybotakkoala, ivan_teh_runningman, thehungrycow, madamechewy and o_oican.

step right in

Indocafe's interior is steeped in Peranakan style, and exuded an air of old-world elegance. No little nonya's around though.

screen panel decor
ala-carte buffet menu
A quick glance of its ala-carte buffet menu revealed about 20 items including desserts. Each order would be in a 2-pax portion. It was purposefully portioned in such a way so that diners could try more items in the menu, comfortably.

pretty looking pot of chili
let's snack on keropok while waiting
Have I mentioned that the dishes in the ala-carte buffet comprises of Penang-styled food? What do you think of, when Penang food is mentioned? Char kway teow? Char kway kak? Passembur? Assam Laksa? Hae Mee (prawn noodles)? Bingo! All correct and can be found here, at Indocafe for this GSS 2016.

let's dig in
Otak Klasik

One could order up a few plates of O'Jian (oyster egg omelette) as the egg batter was rather thin and with a few small sized ocean oysters. Not enough! But, I will insist that you order one Otak Klasik for yourself. No need to share. Not an ordinary otah as it was fashioned after 'chawanmushi' and made with Barramundi fish fillet. An upgraded version of otah, that has all the requisite flavours. Yums!

The two chars (char kway teow and char kway kak) were pretty likeable. Just don't expect the wok-hei flavours as that's not found in these plates. Nevertheless, it was still enjoyable especially the char kway teow with the lap cheong and good sized prawns. It's a pity that it wasn't spicy. The Char Kway Kak here, tasted more like our local chai tau kway (dark sauce fried carrot cake).

Char Kway Teow
Char Kway Kak

Of course, not forgetting the assam laksa and prawn noodles. Hmm, how shall I put this. It was a good try but these were just not robust enough. Preferred the assam laksa over the hae mee.

assam laksa with prawn paste (hae gor)
prawn noodles

Oh, do order the kueh pie tee. Just need to get your hands dirty, as it was presented ala-diy mode. These cups were tasty. A nice snack or interlude.

kueh pie tee deconstructed
there, ready to be eaten

For meats, one could get the har cheong gai (prawn paste chicken) or the grilled stingray/sotong. The sotong has stronger flavours as it was marinated with sambal. The fried chicken was nice but too light in flavour. Wished it had more prawn paste flavours.

prawn paste chicken
sotong panggang (grilled squid with housemade sambal)

Next, on to the desserts. There were 3 choices and we sampled two. The bubur cha cha and chendol. Ooh, good choice! Bubur cha cha was served hot and cold chendol was so delicious.

The bubur cha cha was interesting as it had banana in it. A bit different but quite nice.

bubur cha cha
definitely must try chendol!

The chendol was pretty similar to the ones in Penang. Recommended. Plus, it tasted so good in our hot weather. Remember to stir it though as the gula melaka is all the way right at the bottom.

In overall, Indocafe offers nice ambiance for your dining pleasure.

View and book HGW GSS deals here. Or, call reservation hotline (68846884). GSS offers ends on 14 August 2016.


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