Saturday, February 8, 2014

Restoran Ayza @ Kajang

The small town of Kajang, Selangor, is known for being a satay town. Of course, more recently, Kajang is also in the limelight for politics.

About its food, apart from satay, there are other things to eat. Usually, if we're in the mood for prata (or roti canai as the locals calls it), Restoran Ayza is one place that we'll visit. It's located near Metropoint Kajang.

For drinks, one would usually order teh tarik (pulled tea), nescafe tarik (pulled nescafe) or teh limau ais (ice lime tea). Nescafe tarik here cost RM2.

teh tarik
view from our table

My mom likes her rava thosai. Crispy thin sour dough, eaten with a myriad of sauces.

rava thosai with dhal, chutney and curry

For myself, I'd take the roti telur bawang (prata with egg and onions). Best eaten while its hot, with fish and chicken curries.

roti telur bawang (@RM2.70 per piece)

For something more substantial, there's maggi mee goreng (fried instant noodles) and rojak mee (rojak noodles). The rojak has a sweet peanut sauce, and ingredients included fried beancurd and fried dough, julienned cucumbers and turnip, with hardboiled egg.

maggi mee goreng
rojak mee

For the meatatarians, there's fried chicken @RM3.80 per piece.

2 pieces of fried chicken to share

If you're eating rice, the style here is they'll scoop the rice for you and then, self-service with the dishes. White rice with fried chicken and one vege will cost about RM5.50.

Here, one pays after they've eaten.


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