Saturday, March 1, 2014

Verre Wine Bar @ Rodyk Street

Located at 8 Rodyk Street, Robertson Quay. Along the same stretch as Bar Bar Black Sheep, Merry Men, Anthesis Cafe etc.

Thought this place was new but alas, it has been around for 2 years now. True. Have not been to Robertson Quay for quite awhile now. Time to get re-acquainted!

Verre's Happy Hour is till 7pm on a Mon-Fridays and 6pm on weekends, where there's a 1-for-1 deal on all wine and champagne by the glass, cocktails and beers. WoOoohOoo, sounds great!


A short perusal of the drinks menu and we're ready to order.

drinks menu
choice of drink
Guy Charlemagne Brut Classic

During Happy Hour, and with every 3-orders of the champagne by the glass which eventually equates to 6 glasses, Verre will serve a bottle for the table. Nice.


Ordered some snacks to accompany the pre-dinner drinks.

tarte flambee and fries
Forestiere @$11 - light sour cream, onions, bacon and mushroom

Service was friendly and sincere. Seldom order champagne by the glass, so was a tad surprised when they brought out the bottle. "Did I accidentally ordered a bottle?" I thought. Hahaa, think I was abit suaku.

It's part of the service and for champagne by the glass, it's poured by the table. Thank you to the service staff who attended to us. Sorry if I couldn't catch what you were saying. The Guy Charlemagne Brut Classic tasted fruity, light and semi-sweet.

The tarte flambee was a nice snack though the flavours could be stronger.

Verre is quite cosy and when night falls, the ambiance was pretty nice.

when night falls
wine bar came alight~

Total cost for 2 alcoholic drinks, an iced coffee and snacks came up to $70+ for 3 pax.


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