Thursday, March 6, 2014

Hansang Korean Family Restaurant @ Novena Square 2

Located at Level 3 of Novena Square 2. Dropped by for lunch, and they were packed. Mostly office crowd and the occassional tourist. There weren't any tables left for 2 pax, so they decided to let us sit at the BBQ table meant for 4. Cool.


Plenty of options during lunch hour. One can opt for ala-carte dishes, or BBQ buffet, or set lunches or daily special etc. Set lunches is at $15++ for one pax. Got myself a bowl of jajangmyun (炸酱面) @$8.90++. This is part of the special menu where one must place the order between 12pm to 1pm. There's bibimbap and ramyun options as well, amongst others. All served with side dishes and without drinks.

banchan (kimchi, fish cake, chives flower and pickles)

The pickled something was nice. Piquant, sourish sweet. Can't tell if it's a fruit or radish...

jajangmyun (자장면)

The jjajang noodles was tasty and not overly salty. A bit sweetish too. Plenty of onions and some minced meat. The single prawn was of a good size too. Quite enjoyable but could get a bit boring, if not for the banchans.

Iced water is served here. Service was good even though lunch hour was a busy period. The lady manager was courteous and helpful.


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