Sunday, March 23, 2014

Pete's Place @ Grand Hyatt Singapore

This italian restaurant is located at the basement level of Grand Hyatt, 10 Scotts Road. Was there to try its Sunday Brunch. Priced at $82++ per pax with free-flow of Guerrieri Rizzardi Prosecco, Querceto Chianti, Ruffino Lumina "Pinot Grigio" and  Tiger draft. There are juice option as well. Non-alcoholic option cost $58++ per pax.

Was easy to make reservations via its website. When the appointed date came, we arrived at about 1145am, and the place was already half-filled.

Informed the service staff that we'll be having the Sunday Prosecco Brunch, and they'll bring the filled to the brim glasses over. Light, slight bitterness, hint of fruit, crisp and dry.

Started with cold seafood. Freshly shucked oysters that most will line up for. Prawns were firm and succulent and the crab was sweet. Not sure why, but the mussels were rather tasteless.

cold seafood selection of mussels, oysters and prawns

And of course, vegetables. Plenty of options, for example tomato salad with cheese, pasta salad and one more that I can't recall whatsitsname. Anyway, one can do their own mix-and-match too.

must eat vege

Now, for the meats. Liked the pork belly, especially at the fattier parts. Felt that the roast beef was abit of a letdown as the piece that I had was particularly stringy and tough to chew. Beef cheeks were alright but thought the texture of the meat tasted more like beef stew. The minced chicken roll was rather nice. Detected a hint of coconut in it.

pork belly, roast beef, and minced chicken
red drum fish, baked fish and beef cheeks

Red drum fish actually tasted somewhat like tuna? Didn't like it though. Prefered the other fish. For the longest time, deep fried calamari was 'out of stock'. So when it was finally available, took some to try.

deep fried calamari, beef carpaccio and smoked salmon with capers

Calamari was soft and its batter crispy. Liked the beef carpaccio and smoked salmon.

a glass of chianti to go with the meats?

How about the pasta? Hmm, there wasn't any gnocchi nor squid ink pasta that day on the buffet line.

ravioli in butter sage
my mini mixed pasta plate of simple pasta, penne with turkey ham (hidden), sweet pea and beef cheek

My brother liked the ravioli, which he said was creamy. The penne with turkey ham was nicely tangy with its tomato based sauce. If you'd like more carbs, perhaps can try the pizza. Thin crust and topped with ample cheese. Yums when eaten hot.

lovely salads

I think we managed to try most of the desserts. Tiramisu, panna cotta, chocolate, tarts.. all done. Tiramisu was really light and moist. The chocolate tart was really really dense but it was nicely bitter. Yums. Liked the crumble. Has a nice hint of egginess to it.

lovely tiramisu mess
raspberry crumble, panna cotta, chocolate tart, mini tart
hot coffee at the end

A bit of this and a bit of that, all compounded towards the end of the meal. Felt super-full though we didn't eat that much. Drinks, probably just 2 glasses for me. Nevertheless, enjoyed the brunch with my family member.

All in all, cheers to you bro. May all your wishes come true!


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