Sunday, March 2, 2014

Sugisawa Japanese Restaurant @ Robertson Quay

Located at Riverside View, Robertson Quay. It's at the same cluster as Aburiya and opposite of the Laurent Bernard's cluster. It was easy to walk past Sugisawa without realising that we had done so. And that's exactly what happened to us. Haha! Hardly surprising since the last visit was almost two years ago.


Were quite famished after having the pre-dinner drinks at Verre Wine Bar, so we came to Sugisawa for something more substantial than bar food.

Friend had enjoyed her bento the other time, so I knew I wanted to get a bento set too! Another friend ordered the beef paper hot pot, which I think was a pretty good idea. Hot soup in the tummy is a good hangover cure. Not sure if I did qualify for that, since it has just been less than half an hour since the last glass of bubbly. *hic*

hot tea at Sugisawa

The place was crowded and walk-ins will need to wait for about 10-20 minutes. We got ours within 10 minutes because another table was already finishing their dinner. Lucky us.

same same yet different

The beef paper hot pot (without rice) was the first to arrive, followed by unagi bento set. Most items are below $20 except for unagi bento set priced at $25. The soup from this paper hot pot was sweet but not overly. Warm and soothing, but unless you eat like a bird, this might not last you through the night.

beef kaminabe

And there shall be sashimis.

ika (squid), hamachi, (yellow tail) salmon, maguro (tuna), ebi (prawn) sashimi

Had a piece of maguro and the ebis. Liked the thicker cut of the tuna.

Both of our orders of beef yakiniku bento set were the last to arrive. Starving already.

stir fried beef with onions, pickled item,  stewed/boiled items and sashimi (maguro and salmon)

I think it's a good deal for this beef yakiniku bento set. Ample slices of thin beef, stir fried in sweet sauce. Goes well with the rice. Bento set comes with a bowl of rice and seaweed tofu miso soup. In the stewed items compartment, one could find bamboo shoot, juliened turnip, tamago, sweet carrot, konyaku, a slice of fish cake, mashed potato and a boiled prawn.


It was rather difficult to get the tea refill. Tried four times and was successful on the fourth try. Busy busy place!

Dinner costs about $121 for 4-pax.

Click here to view more of first visit.


  1. Never knew there was such a place in Robertson quay and the slices of sashimi looked very thick

    1. Hehe. Visiting when you're back? No frills joint, food that puts comfort into the tummy and plenty to drink near by.

    2. most probably will visit when I'm back. I've lost track with the local food scene. luckily still can read your blog :D


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