Sunday, March 9, 2014

BangkokJam @ Wheelock Place, Orchard Road

Finding an impromptu dining place around Orchard on a Saturday evening, saw us moving from one spot to another. Queue was too long? Place too expensive? Shop too crowded?

Hence, finally came to a place where we could rest our tired legs. BangkokJam, located at Level 2 of Wheelock Place.

colourful coasters

What's your usual order when doing Thai food? For me, its Thai milk tea.

Thai milk tea (@$4.80++)

The rendition here was quite enjoyable. Iced cold tea on a hot stuffy evening. Not overly sweet and good tea strength.

Another popular drink, would be lemongrass tea.

lemongrass drink (@$4.80++)

Quite surprising that we didn't order any phad thai that night. Instead, we had Stir Fried Egg Noodles with bacon and crabmeat. This plate tasted very similar to Singapore beehoon (新洲米粉).

stir fried egg noodles with bacon and crab meat (@$11.90++)

Another perennial favourite would be the olive fried rice. My friend's choice of carbs.
olive fried rice (@$11++)
seafood in red tomyam soup (@$7.90++)

The sourness of the tomyam soup was just right. However, it could use abit more heat.

Spaghetti in Thai cuisine? Seems like fusion. Prawns with spaghetti in coconut base sauce.  The spaghetti tasted like thick bee hoon and the coconut base sauce was quite yums albeit a little watery. Good for slurping while its still hot~

prawns with spaghetti in coconut base (@$11.90++)

Most of the dishes are non-spicy. Very tamed down version. For sharing, we had a plate of  mixed grill.

Bangkok Mixed Grill (@$23++)

grilled chicken, squid, beef and prawns

The grilled chicken and squid were good and tender. Too bad the beef was overdone and was quite tough. The chili sauce had kick but in general, food here was abit on the high sodium side of things.

For desserts, we had red ruby. Not the usual watery kind with coconut milk. This version had coconut ice cream instead. Pretty good, the ice cream and the rubies. We liked.

red ruby (@$4.50++)

The meal fed the five of us (with 2 not very hungry) and costs about $20 per pax. There's a 10% discount for Stanchart credit card if the total bill (excluding taxes, gst) is above $80.


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