Friday, December 16, 2011

Trung Nguyen @ Le Loi Street, Ho Chi Minh

Trung Nguyen is like THE coffee brand in Vietnam. It's practically everywhere. In markets, departmental stores, its own cafe etc.

Visited one of the Trung Nguyen cafe that is quite near our hotel, somewhere along Le Loi Street. Exact location, if you ask me now, seriously, I have no idea!

First impression, the place was packed! Many tourists and locals enjoying their cuppa in the air-conditioned and small cosy cafe.

order here if you're taking away
Just find a seat and the service staff will give you the menu and take your order. They will also serve the drinks to you. Trung Nguyen coffee has beans that ranges from number 1 to 5. Probably its intensity level? Seems so. Ordered a number 3 iced-coffee without milk. One cuppa can set you back by VND45,000 thereabout. It's slightly more expensive if it's with milk.

After you've placed your order, the service staff brought us iced-tea (probably oolong or green tea unsweetened). So, instead of ice water, we got iced-tea in Ho Chi Minh. Cool, right?

still need to drip even if its iced coffee
The service staff was helpful. Knowing that we're tourists, he advised us to wait for 5 minutes for the coffee to drip finish. When the 5 minutes was about up, he came by to help us remove the coffee filter. So nice of him!

hot coffee with condensed milk
taking a peek!
done dripping, then add sugar

The sugar is added after the coffee had dripped finished and then its poured into the tall glass with ice.

ta dah, iced-coffee in front and iced-coffee with milk at the back

The taste is pretty intense. Very buttery and fragrant as well. Nice and smooth but can really feel the heatiness after drinking it.

Trung Nguyen Coffee
watch the world go by as you sip your coffee in comfort...
interior of the cafe

We also bought the coffee powder and the drip as well. The coffee powder and the drip costs about SGD6+.

makes a good souvenir, and its slightly cheaper than Ben Thanh market

Heard the staff guiding another tourist from Philippines with regards to the coffee milk ratio. He said 2 spoonfuls of coffee powder and 4 teaspoons of condensed milk. Coffee powder put it inside the drip, while the milk is onto the small cup. Hot water is poured into the drip and should be ready within 5 minutes.

Haven't tried it myself. Will experiment next time.


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