Saturday, December 10, 2011

Creperie and Cafe @ Han Thuyen Street, Ho Chi Minh

Located very near the Notre Dame Cathedral. Touted as one with good view for alfresco dining, we came and saw the awesome view was just a park. Hmm.

view from our seats
yup, been trying coffee everywhere I go!
ice-coffee or ca phe da

I liked the ice coffee here. It came already with iced cubes, unlike the one where you have to wait for the drip to finish.

some fruity drink with soda

iced-tea or apple tea, can't remember

For tea-break, decided to order crepes since its the shop's specialty. Tried one sweet and one savoury.


it's melting!
The tiramisu crepes was good! All of us loved it. Sweet and soft, and the crepe skin was very eggy!

pizza crepes

cheesy goodness

The savoury pizza crepes was nice too. However, if you're particular about not having any frozen peas and corns in your food, then you won't like this.

The atmosphere is laid-back and we enjoyed the sunset with the setting sun casting soft lights over the trees. Lots of locals like to throng the park somehow. Slowly we saw street vendors coming out to hawk their food. And saw local 'saman' aunty coming by to chase cars away!

night view at the cafe
Notre Dame Cathedral evening view


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