Sunday, December 11, 2011

Pho Hing Vietnamese Beef Noodle Soup @ District 1, Ho Chi Minh

Our second pho stop in Ho Chi Minh. Were there for lunch.

Vietnamese chili sauce

Wanted to eat beef brisket noodles but they ran out of it or not available during the time of our visit. So had to settle for beef balls noodles instead. Once the order is placed, they'll bring a large plate of greens out.

greens and more greens; sweet basil/thai basil, mint, spring onions
beef balls noodles
closer view

The soup was light and tasty. I preferred the noodles here, because it is like 粗米粉 (thick rice vermicelli). The beef balls were quite hard though. For the herbs, just pick the leaves and throw it into the soup to eat together with the noodles. My friend hilariously dumped the whole stalk into her bowl. -_-'''

noodles with grilled pork and shrimps (dry)
spring roll

We shared a bowl of cold dried noodles with grilled pork and spring rolls. The dried noodles came with sauce (that looked like watery chili sauce) in a separate small bowl. The dipping sauce for the spring roll was dark like hoisin sauce.

Liked the cold noodles, tasted refreshing! For drinks, we ordered juices and ice coffee.

pennywort with coconut
apple juice
ice coffee with milk

The Pennywort with coconut tasted mild and refreshing, and the apple juice was quite sweet.


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