Thursday, December 15, 2011

Awfully Chocolate @ Vivocity

Located at Level 1 of Vivocity. Had a craving for chocolate cake and was in the viccinity, so decided to drop-by. Its super stacked cake was listed at $6.50 per 100 gms. Ok, so proceeded to order for 100 gms of super stacked.

Was actually quite surprised when the girl suddenly squatted down and got a slice out from the cabinet below the display counter. The display counter had a perfect square of a new super stacked so presumably she was clearing the old stock. Maybe the impression would've been better if she could just take the tray out and take that slice in clear view.

Then, she proceeded to put that slice of cake into a box. Alas, that poor slice of cake was unceremoniously dumped into the box and it was laying there in an odd manner as it could not quite fit into it. Such a sad treatment for such a beautiful slice of cake. Wouldn't have minded if the girl had cut the slice into half so that it can be placed nicely into the box...

Never mind. Next, she proceeded to weigh the cake together with the box. On the receipt, the weight of the cake was listed as 130 gms. Just wondering if that included the weight of the box or not? If the weight of an empty box is say for example 20 gms, then it would've meant that the customer paid $1.30 for the box.

nice sticker
super stacked cake
nice plastic fork
poor cake was in this position
super stacked closer view

The super stacked cake was nice (mildly sweet, though not as rich/moist as imagined), but does it warrant the $8.45 price tag? That'll be up to you to decide.


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