Thursday, December 29, 2011

Akashi @ Vivocity (Part II)

Located at B2 of Vivocity, this is a restaurant that I've visited quite often and mostly for lunch. Most of the lunch sets have increased its prices by a dollar since first visit (sometime in May). What used to be $15++ is now $16++, previously $12++ is now $13++.

Recent visit saw my friends ordering appetisers from the ala-carte menu. We tried the deep fried white bait, and a pork dish.

very crispy whitebaits
pork with miso sauce
tasty thin slivers

As usual, the ala-carte prices are on the higher side. For vegetarians, there is not much choice here. We were informed that the sauce for soba and tempura has cuttlefish mixed in it. So, in the end, one of my friend who is a vegetarian, took the yasai tempura (ala-carte order) and one white rice. Thank you to the friendly service staff who explained to us which dishes that might work for diners with special dietary needs.

udon set lunch (quite a big pot, with poached egg that still has runny yolk!)

For me, I'd take either the gyu teriyaki or the chicken wakadori set lunch. Noticed that the gyu (beef) teriyaki doneness seem inconsistent. Sometimes, it was nicely medium rare, other times it was done medium or medium well.

chicken wakadori set (@$16++)
clear soup
yummy juicy chicken

Liked the copious amount of shredded cabbage (drizzled lightly with plum sauce) that came with most of the sets.


  1. hi:)do u know if they have <$20 set lunch on sundays?is it crowded on sun lunches?

  2. I believe they do. From my previous visits, the less than $20 set lunches are available daily. As for the crowd, that'll depends. Visited at about 1.30pm to 2pm on a weekend once, and it wasn't crowded. Perhaps having a reservation, just in case would be a better idea?


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