Saturday, December 24, 2011

The Tastings Room @ Marina Square

Located at Level 1 of Marina Square, at the road level (small lane between Raffles Link and Marina Square). Bought the Groupon voucher, so needed to utilise it before end of the year.

wine menu

indoor seats
set meals

The voucher (priced @$39 nett per pax) entitles for a 3-Course Meal + 110ml glass of Drotsdy Hof Cape 2010 Red Wine. Only 2 choices available, so we tried both.

For starters, we had the Seafood Smoked Vine Tomato Soup and the Prosciutto de Parma with Texture of Melon.

Seafood Smoked Vine Tomato Soup
has a slice of fish, a prawn and a squid ring

The soup was pretty sour and robust. Certainly wakes the taste buds up! Tasty and seafood was fresh.

a dash of pepper for the soup

Prosciutto de Parma with Texture of Melon
loved the drizzling of balsamic vinegar

Liked the rocket leaves, melon and prosciutto. Gladly ate all the greens! The melon wasn't that sweet though. But am not sure whether this portion is the same size for ala-carte starters. If yes, then $17.90++ seemed like a high price to pay for this portion.

Service crew was friendly but somehow lacking still. Our wine went missing and didn't appear till half hour later, and that was after reminding the staff about it. The interval between the starters and main course were about 39 minutes apart.

red wine

The wine was drinkable, not too spicy and not too tannic. Nice. The 110ml drinking portion seemed quite little. Hahaa, more wine please.

After quite a wait for the main courses, was feeling rather famished.

18-hours slow braised beef cheek

nice cheeks

duck confit

The beef cheek is nicely tender. Liked the parts with abit of fats. Flavour was good, and fully absorbed into the meat. The duck confit was served with mashed potatoes, french beans, peach slices and dried cranberries. Yummy and doesn't feel oily at all. However, the beef cheek had stronger flavours so that became my favourite for the mains.

For desserts, we had the Tiramisu and the Mango Jivara Mousse Cake.

Mango Jivara Mousse Cake


The dessert portion was also small. The Tiramisu turned out to be sponge cake layered with ice-cream. So, it's like eating ice-cream cake. Preferred the Mango Jivara Mousse Cake. Subtle mango flavour on moist cake.

Perhaps their usual Set B (@$38++) would be more enticing if diners can choose their own starters, mains and desserts that are not limited to just 2 options.


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