Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Jaspas Wine & Grill @ Dong Khoi, Ho Chi Minh

Located downtown of Ho Chi Minh, this place is located at a cluster popular with Caucasians. Traffic was quite bad when heading towards downtown but that's understandable since it was Friday night when we headed out there.

this is the entrance towards the restaurants cluster
front of the restaurant


The only item during Happy Hour on the day of our visit, was the 1-for-1 Tiger draught beer, from 5 to 7pm.

Tiger beer

For food, we started off with french fries.

shoestring french fries

It was quite addictive, eating those french fries. Served piping hot, right off from the fryer. Goes well with the ketchup dip.

My friends had Heineken mostly, since they don't fancy Tiger beer. Tried a local beer too; Saigon Red.

Saigon Red

Found the taste acceptable but my beer drinking friends thought otherwise. Some say it was quite tasteless.  The crowd started to trickle in after 9pm, and soon the place was quite crowded with expats and some locals. There's free wifi too. So, you're well connected even when out dining in this area.

Felt hungry, so decided to order a mixed platter to share.

mixed platter
tuna tataki

chicken skewer
minced lamb meat

duck springroll

The platter has deep fried calamari, duck springroll, chicken skewers, tuna tataki and lamb tacos, and costs about SGD20+ and good to be shared amongst 3-4 pax.

Liked everything on the platter. Unless if you're not a lamb person because the minced lamb meat in the lamb tacos has quite a strong taste. There are various dipping sauces provided and it was fun guessing which sauce is for which. There were wasabi mayo, peanut sauce similar to satay taste (for the chicken skewer?), hoisin sauce (for springroll) and the rest, kinda forgotten how they tasted like. But, we'd just mixed it around and dipped it in more than one sauce just to get a combi of flavours. Somehow, that worked. Hehe.

We stayed for quite a while, had somemore beer, and re-ordered the french fries to munch. Then we saw other tables ordered dessert, and so we followed suit. The menu had just about 3 types of dessert, so we chose chocolate sundae.

chocolate sundae

We enjoyed the cold sundae very much, although it was overdosed with sweetness of the sticky brownie like thingy that no one else wanted to eat.

Our service staff for the night was pretty realistic. She had on a not so pleasant expression on her face when we ordered just beer and french fries. Once when our beer was not arriving after a long while, and we enquired about it, she just barked at us saying that she had already placed the order and it's coming! But when we ordered the mixed platter, and somemore beer, she treated us to a small smile. Hahaa!

In total, we had 7 beers, 2 french fries, 1 mix platter and a chocolate sundae shared amongst the 4 of us. Paid about SGD25 per pax.


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