Saturday, December 31, 2011

ci gusta! @ Anchorpoint

Ice cream! Or rather, gelato! Located at Level 1 of Anchorpoint, this is one bright and cheery ice-cream parlour. Like many other artisanal ice-cream places, one can try/taste as many flavours as one likes before deciding on the final few.

Available sizes are Picolo (S) $3.90, Medio (M) $5.40 and Grande (L) $6.90. Can choose up to 2 flavours for Picolo while the Medio and Grande allows up to 3 flavours.

colourful and enticing

there are other things to order as well


Tough time deciding which flavours but eventually, settled for Rum and Raisin (for the alcoholic in us), Salted Caramel (for me) and Peach Mango (anyhow choose because the colour looked nice!) at Medio size. Note that there will be an extra 50cents charge for Rum and Raisin.

Left: Peach Mango, Bottom: Salted Caramel and Top: Rum & Raisin

closer view of Salted Caramel

Personal favourite? Salted Caramel gelato! Tasted like a creamy cross between peanut butter and toffee. The Peach Mango was like a sweet breath of fresh air, with pleasantly subtle yet distinguishable mango and peach flavours. Reminds me of sorbet.

Peach Mango bursting out of the cup!

The Rum and Raisin was more watery and can definitely taste the alcohol. Liked this one better than Vanilla Whisky. But, still like the Salted Caramel more!

This mash of flavours worked. Get heady on Rum and Raisin, indulge in Salted Caramel and then refresh via Peach Mango. Hahaha!


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