Friday, December 30, 2011

Asian Kitchen Lu Gang Xiao Zhen (鹿港小鎮) @ ION Orchard

Located at B3 of ION Orchard. Small and compact place but still managed to walk-in without reservations despite the other restaurants at B2 needing to queue for at least half hour.


Was in a group of four, so we ordered some dishes to go along with steamed rice. Ordered a medium portion of 'guitar' duck (original flavour). What's a 'guitar' duck? Apparently, it meant 'pipa' (琵琶). Anyway, it's roasted duck. Other dishes that we called were the four season beans with salted egg, deep fried beancurd with some vegetables, a'reunion' omelette and sweet and sour pork. All the rest of the dishes (except the duck) came in small portion.

This place serves ice water. To order, just write it down on the order chit, and pass it to the service staff. Someone will then come over and recite the order once again for confirmation.

chili condiments (not very spicy)
guitar duck (medium)
tender meat

The duck was nicely tender and not gamey. The medium portion is good for four pax.

french beans with salted egg
tiny chili padi's lurking, so be careful
tofu with some vege
looks healthy
sweet and sour pork
closer view
reunion omelette
got prawns and taiwanese sausages underneath

The dishes were enjoyable. The 'reunion' omelette were really thin and it had fresh prawns (just slightly cooked) hidden inside. Seasoning was agreeable to our tastebuds, and somehow the portion worked for the four of us (three ladies and one guy). But then, our guy friend needed an extra bowl of rice.

It's fuss free dinner (without having to queue too long for seats), pleasant tasting food and quick service.

Paid about $76 for all the above (inclusive taxes and drinks: 2 evians, and iced milk tea and soya bean).


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