Sunday, December 18, 2011

The King Louis Grill & Bar @ Vivocity

Located at Level 3 of Vivocity. They have weekdays lunch time express sets at good pricing, so thought of giving it a try.

weekday Four Course Lunch sets

Am not sure but found the decor to be somewhat kitsch.

there's a tiger in here....?!
castle on the wall?

Anyway, lunch sets comes with a soup, a drink and a dessert. My friend ordered the pork chop set while I had the sirloin steak set done medium rare. For drinks, we wanted root beer but it was sold out. Sold out?! At like what time, 12+pm? Anyway, no choice, settled for iced-lemon tea. For soups, we ordered mushroom and pumpkin soup.

mushroom soup

pumpkin soup

Frankly speaking, we were quite impressed with the soups. The pumpkin soup had natural sweetness and it tasted pretty mild and light. The mushroom soup is more packed with flavour but not too thick. The soups were enjoyable.

But was quite let down by the iced lemon tea. In fact, it tasted like a watered down lemon tea water with remnants sprite taste mixed in it?! Yuck.

regretted ordering this

Luckily, main course looked presentable enough and tasted alright.

sirloin steak

pork chop

Our mains came with coleslaw, vegetables, and a mix of potatoes and sweet potatoes. Thumbs up for the fresh salad and coleslaw. Tasty. Thumbs up for the baked potatoes and sweet potatoes. The mixture of tubers gives interesting texture and some sweetness to our carbo fix.

Was not impressed by the meat though. Think it can be further improved. The steak did not have much flavour to it.

sirloin steak, medium rare

Had a bite of the pork chop and it tasted quite lean. Probably a good deal because there were 3 pieces of meat in that set!

Anyway, we were by then, ready for desserts. Luckily, we were not disappointed.


I had the mango flavour while my friend had the chocolate chip. The mango flavoured ice-cream was nice and not too sweet. The chocolate chip ice-cream tasted more like oreo's and my friend liked that one more. The ice cream was quite a big scoop too, unlike some other places that gives you a puny scoop for their lunch sets.

chocolate chip ice-cream


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