Saturday, December 10, 2011

Restaurant @ near Lush, Ho Chi Minh

Located within walking distance near Lush, the nightspot that we wanted to go but was closed for renovations. It's next to a place called 'Vixen', and the dining area is at Level 2. Level 1 is a carpark basement. Looked like a seafood restaurant.

beer never tasted better after a hot day full of walking...

our table overlooking the street

We ordered rice and some dishes. Unfortunately, they ran out of pork. So we ordered grilled honey shrimps, a plate of sweet cabbage (which is our xiao bai cai), springrolls and beef cubes with potatoes.

vegetable and beef cubes with potatoes (french fries)
yummy beef cubes

The food was good and tasty. I remembered that the price was decent, though can't remember exactly how much we paid for. Reasonably priced and beer was cheap. But the chicken meat were priced higher. Not sure why too.

grilled shrimps

hahaa, the shrimps were quite ok in size
salt and lime for shrimp

The white rice came in a large plate, so you're free to share amongst the group on your own accordingly. No refill though.


meaty and yummy

Adored the samosas looking 'springroll'. Categorized under seafood, so I guessed the filling is a mix of pork and shrimps. This is one dish that I'll recommend. One plate contained 6 good sized pieces.

The food and beer here is good. The service, well, we had two waiter who stood behind us most of the time glaring at us. Hahaa, not sure why too. We thought it was because we were holding up their closing time but we still had half an hour more to go. One of them actually look like Andrew Seow of Growing Up fame. Seriously, the waiter might be his Vietnamese twin! The hairstyle, the gaze.. wow, so 70s!


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