Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Ty Coz Saigon @ Ho Chi Minh

Located at 178/4 Pasteur, District 1 Ho Chi Minh City. Quite near the cathedral. Was advised by the hotel receptionist to make a reservation, prior to visiting for dinner.

Took a cab there, and we reached within 10-15 minutes. If walk, probably half hour or so.

is this the right place?

After alighting from the cab, we had to walk a little bit inside before noticing the restaurant's signboard.

outside of the restaurant

First impression of the place, was "whoa.. so dark!"

yup, this is the right place

Then we had to climb stairs upon stairs, and voila~ Our seats were at the rooftop.

can see the cathedral
table settings

Once we're seated, the waitress brought out a huge white board menu.

whiteboard menu

We were served iced-tea while perusing the menu.

complimentary iced-tea (unsweetened)

The ala-carte items on the menu looked kind of expensive, starting from VND195,000 and up to VND1,100,000.  The most expensive item was Tournedos Rossini (steak and foie gras). Sounds so tempting...

Monsieur Philippe, the friendly chef, came out to explain the menu for us. It was really an item by item explanation of the menu, right from the main ingredients used, to cooking style and sauces. Wow. First time I've ever heard so much about French cuisine, preparation/cooking method and different types of sauces used for some of the dishes. Information overload!


One thing that Philippe said that puts a smile to our face. The set dinner (inclusive of one starter/appetiser, one main dish and one dessert) price is pegged to its main course/dish pricing. Wooohoo! Phew.

still choosing from the menu? Eat this first, amuse bouche

So, our party of 4 decided to order 3 set dinners to share and a bottle of red wine to go along with our food. For appetisers, we ordered a Salad Foie de Volaille (salad with duck liver),  baked oysters and mussels. For mains, we ordered a Sole Meunière (fish), Canard à l'Orange (duck in orange sauce) and Contre Filet (US beef ~ 220 gms before cooking). And for dessert, our order was cheesecake, Poires au Vin Rouge (pear in red wine) and hot tea (yeap, we ran out of desserts to order).

Had minor difficulty in ordering wine because the waitress doesn't seem to understand English much, and our initial selection was out because they ran out of stock for that bottle. So, we chose another red that is within our budget (VND630,000). Settled for a bottle of Earthworks Barossa Valley Shiraz 2008 (Australia).

restaurant logo on plate

First entree, salad with duck liver. Simple looking dish but nicely tossed with garlic oil. Yummy!

lots of duck liver, yay!
tender liver

Mussels in creamy white wine sauce, served with bread.

lots of mussels

warm bread

yummy sauce
baked oysters
with cheese

We were really looking forward to our mains after having enjoyed all the yummylicious starters.

red wine
spicy and goes well with chocolates

But had a minor surprise when we were served sorbet after the starters. Being ignorant of French cuisine, we didn't know that this was to be the palate cleanser prior to the next course until our neighbouring table took pity on our confused look, and told us what this is. Orhh...now we understand. Hehee!

pink guava flavour

Ok, after the short interlude, here comes the mains:

from left to right: duck, steak, and fish
sole meunière
contre filet with spinach and mushroom pepper sauce
medium rare

duck in orange sauce
yummy tender duck meat

The duck was flavourful and tender plus can really taste the orange in the sauce. The beef was good and retained its natural flavours. Didn't like the fish though as it was a little on the over-cooked side. But the potatoes were good! Yums.

Next, desserts!


pear in red wine sauce

ice-cream and chocolates (for the tea)
tea ( we chose chamomile)

cheesecake was soft and not too sweet

pear still has some bite to it, and yeah, pink guava sorbet again!

coffee ice-cream and chocolate (probably 85% cacao?)

cute teacup

We enjoyed leisurely dinner that spanned some 3 hours. The place allows smoking too. 

The meal costs VND1,740,000 in total and fed 4 happy people.


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