Monday, December 5, 2011

Pho24 @ Ly Tu Trong, Ben Thanh Market (Ho Chi Minh)

Lunch place on our first day in Ho Chi Minh city. Had lunch here prior to exploring the nearby Ben Thanh market.

shop front

They have menu in English, so ordering is not an issue.


Ordered a bowl of steaming hot phở bò (beef noodles soup) and can opt for tái/ chín/ nạm (fillet/ flank/ brisket). We also had a plate of fried spring rolls to share.

garnishes for pho: beansprouts, chilies, Thai basil and lime

pho bo (beef noodles)
closer view

The soup was nice and soothing. The serving size seemed small though, and the meat was just a few slices. Not sure if my tastebud had went haywire, but I thought the noodles tasted slightly funky. My friends seemed to enjoy theirs though.

The fried spring roll was also surprisingly small. And I thought it would be filled with beansprouts but instead, it was just meat fillings.

fried spring roll (chả giò)
meat fillings (pork?)

For drinks, my friends opted for fresh fruit juice, while I chose the hot coffee with condensed milk (cà phê sữa nóng).

coffee with condensed milk (hot)
end result

My first impression of Vietnamese coffee? The coffee was just lukewarm, and it tasted a strange mixture of sweet and salty. Hmmm...

The meal costs about VND300,000+, so it was about SGD20 and fed 4 pax.


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