Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Itacho Sushi @ Bugis Junction

Located at B1 of Bugis Junction. Visited on a Tuesday afternoon and there was no queue. Got a table after a few minutes of waiting time.

towel (no charge)

recommended by Ricky
green tea (no charge)

Ordered salmon with soy sauce (max. 4 pieces per pax) and salmon lobster salad roll at 50% off. Hahaha, it's quite a kick to get items at a steal!

look at the oil!

yummy salmon aburi sushi (40cents per piece only!)

Loved the salmon with soy sauce because it's super duper worth it @40cents++ per piece, tasty and oily. Yums!

Next item on promo is the salmon lobster salad roll @$3.60++ for 2 pieces.

not sure where is the salad though.. maybe its the salad sauce?

yummy salmon and lobster

Also had single pieces of the fatty salmon sushi, hotate (scallop) sushi with green tea salt and zaru shell sushi.

fatty salmon sushi

hotate (front) and zaru shell (back) sushi

My colleague had the Matsu sushi lunch set @$9.90++. It has 9 pieces of sushi plus a bowl of miso soup.

colourful Matsu set
salmon sashimi (@$3.60++)

Service was generally promt and genial. Water was constantly refilled.
We had another colleague having the unagi don (lunch set) and total cost came up to about $45 for 3 pax.

Eating 9 pieces of sushi in total and plus one miso soup, this made a very very filling lunch indeed!


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