Saturday, November 5, 2011

Wine Connection @ Unity Street, Robertson Walk

This is my second visit, and the place seemed more packed than previous.

can sit at the wine bar counter

Tried white wines from Germany and New Zealand this time round. We ordered a bottle of Selbach-Oster Riesling Kabinett (2008 vintage), that scored 91-92 pts according to Wine Advocate and Wine Spectator 2010. To learn more about Selbach-Oster wines, click here.

I like the taste of this wine. It was crisp and light sweetness towards the end. But I didn't really like how it smells... probably because it smelled like minerals.

After our misadventure with goat cheese the previous time, we opted for cow's milk cheese. We chose brie. And the rest of the combo remained the same. But we were still surprised when the food came.

bruschetta, honey ham and brie

why does the ham looked like that??

The ham no longer looked juicy and meaty. Instead, it was collageney and thinly sliced. I think we got the far end of the ham, nearer to the leg....hence, more collagen, less meat. *sobs*

At least, the cheese was 'safe'. Nothing too exciting here. The flavour was rather subtle.

Next, we had a bottle of New Zealand's wine Momo Sauvignon Blanc, 2010 vintage.


The Momo was more tannic than Kabinett. But it possesses a more fruity note as well. I think I still prefers wine from Germany.

Each of the bottles costs between $44 ~ $46+.


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