Wednesday, November 16, 2011

White Dog Cafe @ Vivocity

Located at Level 2 of Vivocity. We walked in at around 12+pm because its hardworking waitress had called out to promote the $10.90++ 3-course set lunch. Abundance of main course items to choose from but some need to add a few dollars more.

menu and interior
water served freely

The set lunches come with add-ons for drinks as well. So we topped up $1++ for ice-lemon tea.

is this beer or ice-lemon tea?

Unfortunately, the ice-lemon tea was unsweetened. Not sure whether it was intentional or accidental, we don't know. Didn't mind the non-sweetened version as we consoled ourselves that it was healthier this way.

Two types of soups to choose from; minestrone or leek and potato. I had leek and potato soup while my colleagues had minestrone.

leek and potato soup with salad (here are the course #1 and course #2)

The leek and potato soup was quite thick and feels starchy. But, it was quite enjoyable with the soft leek and potato bits inside. My colleagues liked their minestrone as well.

Didn't finish the salad though, as it tasted like a milder version of coleslaw without the tanginess...

For the main course, I had the sirloin steak (+$4). My colleagues opted for the grilled pork chop and pan-fried red snapper. All main courses come with butter rice and vegetables.

sirloin steak with butter rice and vegetables

medium rare (only at the middle part, elsewhere are medium)

The slab of steak was of uneven cutting, so probably that's why the doneness differs too. The pan fried red snapper fillet looks enjoyable. Had a taste of the pork chop and it was good. In fact, felt that the pork chop tasted even better than the steak. However, my colleague who was having the pork chop commented that some portion was too tough.

The butter rice was rather mild, and not much butter taste. The texture was good as it was neither too hard nor too soft. Best eaten with the vegetables in tomato sauce, while it's still warm.

The total cost was about $48 for 3 pax.


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