Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Sashimi House SAKURAYA @ Anchorpoint

Tried the Ladies Lunch Set (@$18++) today. As usual, the hot green tea and appetiser are complimentary.

appetiser, beansprouts

The set comprises of salad, rice, miso and an assortment of items (sashimi, tori karaage, deep fried prawn, fried salmon, maki, tamago, tako and konnyaku) and a dessert.


overview of the Ladies Set Lunch items
konnyaku with miso

fried salmon

sweet tamago

The konnyaku was basically QQ and tasteless on its own. But didn't quite take to the miso and konnyaku combi.

Japanese rice

I really liked the rice. Nice and sticky (but not overly) and not too much. Just enough to eat with the petite ingredients.

deep fried items

sashimi (maguro, hamachi and ebi)
tako with seaweed and cucumber
dessert: yuzu sorbet

The food was not spectacular but it allows a sampling of small individual items. So that made it somewhat interesting.

Total cost was $21.


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