Monday, November 14, 2011

Marutama Ramen @ The Central, Clarke Quay

Located at Level 3, this was my first visit. Small shop, and since I was alone, was seated at the counter. No queue during day of visit, probably because it was almost half past one. Very simple menu, only two types of ramen; spicy (Aka Ramen) or non-spicy. Then there are various toppings to be added for example, Ajituke Tamago (seasoned soft-boiled egg), char siu, stewed pork belly, gyoza, seaweed etc.

menu board (don't worry, they have the English menu on the table)

Enquired about the default items that comes with the ramen ($12++) and the friendly waitress said, just 1 piece of char siu. So, decided to add one seasoned egg ($1++) and char siu ($4++) to spruce up the plain noodles.

non spicy ramen with additional egg and char siu

The soup was silky and luscious. First time trying ramen with chicken broth for its soup base. The noodles is reminiscence of wantan mee noodles, and it was slightly al-dente. Liked the green seaweed that looked like spring onions in the soup. Yeah, had actually thought it was spring onions initially! Flavourful and yums when eaten with the noodles.

springy thin noodles

Was somewhat disappointed with the egg. The yolk was overcooked!

Ajituke tamago
thinly sliced char siu that melts in your mouth

The char siu was nicely tender and has enough fats to melt in your mouth. Thought that it would be more char'ed though...perhaps ordered the wrong one?

gochisosama deshita
Iced-water is placed in plastic containers at the counter, so feel free to take as much as you need. On hindsight,  probably wouldn't recommend to finish all the soup, because I felt quite thirsty for sometime after the meal. Maybe that's why guys will eat the ramen with beer instead? Hmmm....

Total costs was $20 for the meal.


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