Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Wok & Barrel @ Duxton Hill

Located at 13 Duxton Hill. But for people not familiar with this area (that's me), there could be some problem (yep, couldn't find the place!) in locating this place. Amongst the landmarks that you'll see if you're walking towards the place; 7-eleven, open air car-park, Flor Patisserie...

My friends reached at 7pm, so they were tasked to do the ordering of food. So half an hour later from the appointed time and I needed one friend to come out to 'rescue' a lost lamb, we're finally ready to eat. Sorry guys to keep you all waiting!

I had arrived to a table-full of food.

nasi lemak rice (top left), beef rendang pizza (top right) and chicken wings (bottom)

We had ordered nasi lemak (rice and ingredients are ordered separately), achar, rendang pizza, chicken wings, 5-spice roast pork.

nasi lemak rice (@$1.90+)

Liked the liberal scattering of fried ikan bilis (anchovies), and the two different types of sambal chilies to go with the rice. Half my table couldn't take much of the sambal because it was a little bit too spicy for them. I thought it was just right and it'll be perfect if there's a hardboiled egg to counter the spiciness.

chicken curry (@$8.90+)

5-spices roast pork (@$9.90+)

The chicken curry was good! Two huge drumsticks in there. The meat was fork tender and the gravy was thick and full of flavour! Gravy + rice + sambal = triple yums! My friends liked the 5-spices roast pork. One likened it to the meat in 'bak zhang'. Myself, much preferred the chicken curry (drools).

Don't forget to order the chicken wings. Or rather, you MUST order the chicken wings. Crispy on the outerside, and juicy on its inside. Well marinated, and doesn't feel oily. We loved the chicken wings, drumlets and all. 

rendang pizza

The beef rendang was quite mild and that actually surprised me. Had thought that it would be heavier on the taste and flavour. Subtle flavours and slightly chewy dough. Best to eat it while its hot.

My choice of drink for the night was 2 Brothers Gypsy Pear Cider (Australia). Sparkling cider that can be passed off as *gasp* champagne? Just kidding. But seriously. Nope, still kidding. Taste wise, it was semi-sweet and crisp.

Thirsty? Have a Gypsy, but not too much, don't wanna be too tipsy~

Service crew was friendly and they'll come to clear the plates once you're done with the food.

What's next? How about some desserts? Aren't you guys too full from all the food? I asked. Yes, but we can still eat desserts! They said. Sounds familiar? Probably happens all the time for girls.

So, being cautious, we placed an order for "Shen-dol". Think I heard my friends saying they wanted a cake or something too. But decided not to be overly ambitious with our makan 'prowess'. Phew.

Coconut Pannacotta with Red Bean ice-cream (Shendol)
yummy coconut pannacotta

Have to commend Madam Tan for a dessert that bears her name (yes, right?) It is good. Loved the coconut pannacotta paired with gula melaka syrup. Deliciously soft pudding bursting with salty coconut cream flavour, and countered with sweet gula melaka and topped it off with red bean ice-cream. Yums. Deconstructed chendol.

The meal costs about $79 and fed 4 people. There is no service charge, only GST.


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