Monday, November 7, 2011

Thai The Dine-In @ Sembawang Road

Located near Chong Pang, Yishun. A newly opened Thai makan place. Visited on a Saturday evening, and business was relaxed.

The place is bright and cheery. Spacious and well-airconditioned.


cooked by native Thai chef
they have a delivery outfit as well

We ordered items to share. For starters, we have stuffed chicken wings, prawn cakes, curry soft-shell crabs and green mango salad. For mains, we ordered green curry (chicken), phad thai (seafood), glass noodles (seafood) and pineapple rice.  For drinks, we had Thai iced-tea, lemongrass and coconut.

Thai iced-tea

The food did take some time to arrive, as all items in our order were served together.

green curry and prawn cakes
prawn cakes that look like donuts!
closer view of prawn cake

The prawn cakes were cute and likely made to order as it had irregular sizes, had a dense texture but was a bit dry. Eat it with the chili sauce for more oomph.

green mango salad

closer view

The green mango salad was refreshing. Served with dried shrimps for that extra saltiness.

curry soft-shell crabs

closer view
stuffed chicken wings

closer view

The soft-shell crab was rather salty, probably due to the curry sauce. Stuffed chicken wings was alright, nicely fried and with adequate fillings. Unfortunately, the fillings were a tad dry. This can be quickly fixed by dipping it into the chili sauce.

Now for the mains.

seafood phad thai

closer view

Everyone loved the seafood phad thai. Sweet, savoury and not too oily. Yums! The squids were bouncy and fresh too!

pineapple rice
closer view

Wasn't excited by the pineapple rice. Pretty run of the mill item.

green curry (chicken)

The green curry was quite 'rich'. It has the 'lemak' feel due to the coconut milk. A bit too salty for my liking but I imagined it would be nice with hot white rice. Lots of chicken pieces in it.

seafood glass noodles

closer view

The seafood fried glass noodles was flavourful and yummy but phad thai still rocks!

To end our meal, we had desserts. Ordered the mango sticky rice, red ruby and tago something (sorry, can't remember the name for this one!)

trio of desserts
mango sticky rice

what's the name of this dessert?

water-chestnuts inside

If you can have only one dessert, just get the mango sticky rice. The glutinous rice was cooked right, served warm with the right amount of santan (coconut milk) drizzled ontop and the mango was sweet~ If the mango is more chilled, then it would've been perfect.

We paid about $12+ per pax for all the above. Note that the noodles and rice dishes are all per pax portion, so we shared it amongst the 6 of us. Not very filling, but will do. All the rest of the starters, we had a piece each. Considered our sampler meal.


369 Sembawang Road #01-05,
Sembawang Cottage,
Singapore 758382


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