Sunday, March 24, 2013

Paradise Dynasty @ Lot 1 Choa Chu Kang

Located at Level 3 of Lot 1 Choa Chu Kang. Visited on a Saturday late-noon and we could get a table within 5 minutes.

default setup
By default, there are saucer plates of ginger strips already on the table. Probably assuming majority of customers are there for the xlb (xiao long bao)?

Ok, ordered a basket of original xiao long bao's (Shanghai pork dumplings) to try.

Shanghai pork dumplings aka xiao long bao (original flavour) @$9.80++ for 10 pieces
The pork dumpling (小笼包) was alright. The broth was tasty yet not overpowering. The waitress was actually more concerned when we didn't eat it right away, or when someone accidentally broke the dumpling skin and wasted the broth...

Also had the "La Mian" in vegetable pork  (菜肉云吞拉面). Served in a rather large bowl.

vegetable pork dumplings la mian (@$8.80++)
thin strand noodles

The la mian was mild tasting. Good if you want something soothing and not oily.

interesting bowl
"Yang Zhou" fried rice (@$10.80++)

The "Yang Zhou" fried rice (扬州炒饭) came loaded with ingredients. Chicken bits, prawns, char siew, diced vege and stir fried egg bits. However, still find the taste somewhat lacking. Probably the lack of 'wok hei'.

a dash of chili for added fragrance

One must have some vegetables. Chose one from the appetiser menu instead. Quite yums, although it looked somewhat different from the picture in the menu.

marinated mixed vegetables (@$4.20++)

Sis wanted to try the buns. So got some Shanghai panfried pork buns.

pan fried Shanghai pork bun 生煎包 (@$4.20++)
looks like xlb fillings to me~

Looks like we're on a 'porky' theme that day! Next, was the Slice Pork in Minced Garlic sauce (香辣蒜泥白肉), appetiser dish as well.

slice pork in minced garlic sauce (@$7.80++)

This was another dish that looked different from the menu picture. (Too) Generously slathered with salty minced garlic bean paste sauce but it was actually quite enjoyable. However the pork slice was too thinly sliced till the meat taste was somewhat lost.

For desserts, we had the Souffle Egg White Balls with red bean paste. Looked like a small round doughnut. Tasted eggy, but souffle was not as light as expected. My brother didn't like it.

Souffle Egg White Balls with Red Bean Paste (@$4.80++)

Members enjoy 20% points during their birthday months and can be used/redeemed on their next visit.

The food above fed a family of five, comfortably. Oh ya, the default tea is charged per head @$1++.

default tea (refillable)

Service was good and generally friendly.


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