Thursday, March 7, 2013

Bugis+ Food Trail 2013: Berrylite

There's always room for desserts. Furthermore, a healthy one! Yes, please!

Berrylite frozen yogurt with strawberry and blueberry toppings
can you see how yummy this is?

Why is it good for us?

10 billion live & active cultures?! No kidding.

I'm sold. Are there more flavours or just the plain 'ol white frozen yogurt with various toppings? Of course! Not one, not two.. but 50 other flavours that they'll rotate every fortnightly.

caramel flavour

Wait...50 flavours, rotate fortnightly... does that mean I got to wait quite awhile for my favourite flavours to come back? Well, fortunately the customers can feedback (or petition) to the friendly staff so that their favourite flavours can be brought out again the soonest possible.

Cool. But what's the pricing is like? Here's a picture of that for you, my readers.

size and pricing

My tummy is lactose intolerant, and after eating the frozen yogurt, there wasn't any rumblings at all. Everything was sweet and cool. Plus, fat-free~!

You want more? Sure! In fact, we had a preview of a new product that they'll be introducing in April. Greek yogurt. We were informed that Greek yogurt has more protein as compared to regular yogurt. In terms of texture, it feels abit thicker/denser and just as yummy.

Greek Yogurt Parfait

Look out for it!


Location: 201 Victoria Street #05-03, Singapore 188067


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