Sunday, March 3, 2013

Bugis+ Food Trail 2013: Taipei Station

Located at Level 4 of Bugis+, this bright red and white outlet sure looked chirpy in the morning.

Taipei Station counter

Drinks have customisable sweetness level, so I had my usual 30% sugar and less pearl for my drink.

Jasmine Green Tea with Pearl (@$2.50)

Got to sample some of their Star items.

food from top, left to right: sweet potato fries, crispy fried vegetables, original crispy chicken, cheese crispy chicken, oyster vermicelli and braised pork rice

Mains can be ordered ala-carte or as a set. The set means choice of 1 main + 1 side dish +1 drink. Sets are priced between $7.90 - $8.60. Prices of mains are between $4.20 to $4.90.

Original Crispy Chicken (@$4.20)
Cheese Crispy Chicken (@$4.50)

The sweet potato fries were really sweet, no kidding! Didn't know deep fried french beans could taste so good. If you need lots of carbs, then probably may want to try the braised pork rice as it was not too salty and the meat wasn't too fatty. Just simple comfort food.

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Taipei Station

Address: 201 Victoria Street #04-03 Bugis+, Singapore 188067


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