Sunday, March 10, 2013 Fish Mart @ Vivocity

Located at basement of Vivocity. Went here to grab some food after an evening of shopping. It's a quiet place.

dine-in area

One can pick up those readily packed sushi or donburi at the counter, or choose from its menuboard. Pay first, eat later. Unlike other Japanese fish mart that I've been to, this place doesn't offer free green tea to its diners.

Tried their Chirashi Sushi. It comes with miso soup.

chirashi sushi (@$16.80 nett)

Notice the size of the bowl compared to the miso soup? Surprisingly, there was no pickles. Not even pickled ginger...

closer view of the sashimi

So now you know exactly what you're getting for that price if you're ordering chirashi sushi.


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