Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Bugis+ Food Trail 2013: Ramen Champion

Located at Level 4 of Bugis+. Ramen Champion is a space that houses several stalls of famous Japanese ramen brands; Aoyama, Bario, Gantetsu, Ikkousha, Menya Iroha and Taishoken.

ramen champion entrance

Besides their specialty ramen, each of them have their own Singapore-inspired ramen. For this food trail, we got the chance to try these.

Aoyama's Special Tonkotsu Ramen (@$15+)

The Special Tonkotsu Ramen's broth was light and tasty with thin noodles.

Bario's Ajitama Ramen (@$14.50+)
thick, chewy noodles

Was told that Bario's pork bones soup broth has to be eaten hot, otherwise when it is cold, it can be quite 'jelak'. Characterized with what seemed like a portruding mountain in a bowl, it is in fact topped with huge mounds of beansprouts and cabbage. Have always thought of this as a man's ramen.

Next up, Gantetsu's ramen, which has a dollop of shredded ginger ontop. Its egg looked yummy too!

Gantetsu's King Chashu Ramen (@$15+)

Ikkousha was 2011 Ultimate Winner of Ramen Champion, hence, was anticipating its Spicy Takana Ramen (#2 in terms ramen popularity).

Ikkousha's Spicy Takana Ramen (@$15+)

It has the best broth! Mix the takana up, and the first two gulps almost made me choke because of its spiciness. But just can't stop slurping the 12-hours boiled pork bones broth! Only gripe was, why isn't there any ajitsuke tamago in this bowl?! There's just takana (spicy preserved vegetable), black fungus, spring onions and few slices of very thin chashiu.

lovely Hakata noodles

Liked Iroha's fatty chashiu lots! Almost melt-in-your-mouth kind. Its soup is chicken shoyu based.

Iroha's King's Ramen (@$18+)

Next, there was this bowl of fiery red looking ramen from Ikkousha. There's three spicy levels to it; normal, medium and dangerous. Normal is as far as I'd be willing to go!

Ikkousha's God Fire Ramen

After all the eating, and this being our 8th stop, I thought I could eat no more. That was when, Taishoken's Cold & Spicy Tsukemen was brought out. It tasted pretty refreshing and light, although it is still carbs!

Taishoken's Cold & Spicy Tsukemen (@$15+)

Ramen Champion is at Level 4. At the entrance, diner will be given an electronic tag. Pass this tag to the ramen stall, so that your orders are recorded into the tag. When about to leave, just pass the tag to the cashier at the exit and payment shall be collected then.


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