Sunday, March 3, 2013

Bugis+ Food Trail 2013: Laksania

Have you ever wondered how many types of laksa exist out there? Or, what is the difference between Singapore and Malaysia laksa? Sounds like Laksalogy #101, a study of laksa!

Laksania at Level 4 of Bugis+ has many types of laksa on its menu. Singapore, Kelantan, Penang, Sarawak, Laksa Goreng, Laksa Lasagna or Vegetarian Laksa.


Only had time to sample 3 different types; Kelantan, Sarawak and Singapore laksa.

Kelantan laksa
Sarawak laksa
Singapore laksa

In terms of taste, Singapore laksa would be what we are most accustomed to, naturally. Just the right blend of spices, flavours from dried shrimps, that 'lemakness' from coconut milk plus fresh cockles and super absorbent tao pok. Yums.

Quite liked the Kelantan version too. It's bright yellow broth (mackerels and yellow ginger) was pretty visually, and tasty too!

The Sarawak laksa's broth, is boiled from chicken and prawns with a very distinct herb taste. Served with beehoon instead of the typical laksa noodles.

They have satay too. The chicken satay (@$3.80+ for 3 pieces) was nice! Served hot. Wash all these spices down with an iced lemongrass tea drink (@$2.80+). Laksa are priced between $6.50+ to $7.50+.

lemongrass drink

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Address: 201 Victoria Street, #04-04 Singapore 188067
Contact: +65 6636 9776


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