Friday, March 1, 2013

Gyu-Kaku BBQ Restaurant @ Anchorpoint

Located at Alexandra Road Anchorpoint, this place is quite near my office, about two bus stops away or 10 minutes walk thereabouts. Can't missed it. That white building near Anchorpoint.

hot tea
our table

Chose one of their lunch sets; the Shabu beef set. Two cuts of wagyu; brisket and the other thinner slice which I had asked but now forgotten. Gosh... old age a-calling...

loaded and ready to grill

The set comes with a bowl of rice, pickles, salad and soup.

from top: pickles, salad, sweet sauce, (not really) spicy sauce and hot tea
really yummy pickles
kelp soup, quite nice tasting

 All three of us ordered the same thing, so they placed all the meats together.

tadah~ Shabu beef set for 3 pax
special sauce for the beef

very thinly sliced beef (colleague's fav)
brisket, with fats.. more of my style~

One of the staff told us to cook the thin slices of beef at the outer ring of the grill because then, the heat would not be too strong. He was right. Those that we placed smack right in the middle of the grill, got stuck and for those times, we ended up having shredded beef instead!

beautifully cooked

The beef was tasty. The brisket was kind of fatty and juicy. Yummeh yummeh! At the end of the meal, we were served matcha ice-cream. Nice.

creamy matcha ice cream

Service was generally good most of the times. The grill plate was changed without prompting as they had noticed that it was getting blackened. The only feedback to the service team would be, for staff who is not feeling well (ie. having flu symptoms), please exclude yourself from serving the food. Thank you very much.

Overall, food was good and ambiance was nice. The lunch set costs about $23++ (hope I remember it correctly) excluding drinks. However, some BBQ smell did linger on us afterwards.

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