Saturday, March 16, 2013

Cafe Melba @ Goodman Arts Centre

Located at 90 Goodman Road, within the Goodman Arts Centre compound.

cafe front

Seated at its alfresco area, and there was plenty of sunlight, right up till 730pm.

outdoor seats
view from our table

The food menu is somewhat limited in choices.

food menu
Iced-water is served here.

iced water bottle, cool relief on hot sunny day

Started off with nibbles, ordered the Truffle Fries (@$13++). Just a small bucket, but it sure was addictive, and goes so well with ketchup!

small bucket of truffle fries

Since we're in a group of 5, we ordered food that's easier to share, and one of them would be Parma Ham and Rocket Pizza (12 inch).

12 inch - Parma Ham and Rocket pizza (@$22++)

Pizza was thin crust and tasted good with parma ham and rocket leaves.

Next, Crayfish pasta. Best eaten hot. Linguini was tasty, and liked the abundance of rocket here. The roasted peppers gave this dish good flavours and some sweetness.

Crayfish Linguini (@$26++)
Melba Breakfast (@$24++)

Should've changed out the bacon. If you like non-crispy bacon, then you'll like the version here. Liked the crisp homemade toasted bread though and the sauteed mushroom was good. Mushrooms received much love from everyone in the group! The rest of the stuffs on the plate was pretty ordinary.

Chicken Parmigiana, served with potato wedges

The Chicken Parmigiana (@$24++) was a late entry to our dinner. Two still has space in their stomachs hence this item from the menu, made it to our table. Likeable and best eaten while its hot. Enjoyed the tender chicken breast that's made flavourful by the tomato chutney and mozarella cheese. The balsamic on the salad was sweet and tangy. Yum.

One thing about Cafe Melba, is that it doesn't have beer on tap. So we opted for wine instead. Must commend the friend who chose this. Villa Maria Estate is New Zealand's most awarded winery.

Villa Maria (@$60++) New Zealand wine
Villa Maria white wine

Also tried the Sileni, which is a Pinot Gris from Nautilus Estate, Malborough New Zealand. All that we've chosen, we liked. Sweet, light, fruitty and very easy to drink.

There is a Standard Chartered credit card promo where diners get 15% off on food menu with min. spend of $50. No discount on truffle fries though (maybe because it's not main course?) and drinks (alcohol and non-alcohol).

Expect to spend around $50~$80 per pax, for food and drinks.


  1. I like the afternoon spent here over an early dinner on my weekend cycling trip :) Try their fish and chips, pretty good!

    1. Yeaps, it's pretty chill and laidback feel overall ;)


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