Monday, March 25, 2013

KungFu Paradise @ JCube Jurong East

Located at Level 1 of JCube. This restaurant is also under the Paradise Group, hence, membership can be used here to get points, redeemable on next visit.

breakfast menu
opens till 4am

There was a time-limited offer for one dish; Japanese Black Pepper Curry Chicken Rice for $6.90++ (usual price is $10.90++). Sounds like a good deal, so we tried that. Also ordered the Prawn Paste Chicken, Chicken Cutlet Curry Rice and Lava Custard Bun.

honey lemon and water chestnut
KungFu Stylo Coffee

Japanese Black Pepper Curry Chicken Rice, served with some greens and half a lava egg

The time-limited offer dish does have an impact, visually, with its larger than life looking whole chicken thigh! However, the Japanese curry tasted somewhat like the curry for roti prata. There's quite some heat coming from the black pepper in the curry! It was also unfortunate that the thigh was overcooked.

The chicken cutlet curry rice fared better and the curry here was similar to the other dish.

Japanese Curry Chicken Cutlet Rice
served with sunny side up

The side dish of Prawn Paste Chicken (@$6.90++) was quite good albeit pricey for just 5 mid-wings. Well marinated, very tasty with still moist chicken and smells great. Just a tad too oily though.

Prawn Paste Chicken (5 mid-wings)
how can we not try?
Lava Custard Bun (salted egg yolk bun) 流沙包 (@$3.90++)

salty goodness

The custard bun was pretty smallish, yet packed with all the right flavours, as expected from a good 流沙包.

Expect to pay around $15 per pax for a main course and a drink.


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