Saturday, March 30, 2013

Ice-Cold Beer @ No. 9 Emerald Hill

Finally visited this place one fine evening. It rained and hence, the outdoor tables were scarce. Risked waiting for about 15 minutes, just to see if the sky clears and the staff would open up the outdoor area.


Last order for Happy Hour was 845pm. Got ourselves draft beer (half pint) for $6++ each.

bold Stella and shy Hoegaarden

Of course, the must-order of chicken wings. Had the half portion.

deep fried prawn paste chicken wings
closer view

The prawn paste wings tasted milder than I'd thought. Only a hint of prawn paste. Glad that the drumlets weren't anorexic though. Succulent but also just barely cooked. Had potato wedges as well. Regular ones served with mayo. Good portion for sharing. Thought the potatoes could do with another minute in the fryer as some pieces weren't that cooked.

Spent $35 for the above. The style here is pay as soon as the food/drinks arrives. Note that the outdoor area closes pretty early at 11pm.


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