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Bugis+ Food Trail 2013 @ Bugis+

Located at 201 Victoria Street, accessible via Bugis MRT and various buses.


How does one blog about a food trail of 11 stations, of non-stop eating that stretches across a span of approximately five plus hours?

Logically, it'll be multiple posts so interested readers has the option to choose what they'd like to see. Sounds good? Right, let's do it that way then!

Organised by Omy Singapore, this event was held on 2 March 2013 at Bugis+. The restaurants/food outlets that we visited were Taipei Station, Laksania, Crystal Jade C-Jade HK Café IN, Rocku Yakiniku, Sukiya, Manhattan Fish Market, Seoul Yummy, Ramen Champion, Ireland's Potato, Berrylite and Aloha Ma Maison. (click on the respective food outlets/restaurant's name to see what we ate there!)

Bugis+ Food Trail 2013

Was pretty interesting for me because it was the perfect opportunity to see what's available at Bugis+, in terms of dining options and what are some of the dishes that each has to offer.

Are you ready for a Bugis+ gastronomical journey? Loosen your (seat)belt, 'coz here we go!

Craving for Taiwanese snacks and drinks? Hop on to Taipei Station at Level 4.

Taipei Station's food and drinks

Has an urge for something spicy and wants variety in laksa? Choose from Laksania, a laksa specialty shop. Kelantan, Sarawak or Singapore laksa? Take your pick!

Kelantan Laksa (lovely soup base made from mackerel)

Third stop was C-Jade HK Café IN. Never had I been more entralled (yet) a by a milk tea drink before...Superb taste, smooth, fragrant and just nicely sweetened. 好飲~ Good~!

Chilled Hong Kong Milk Tea (奶茶), with special effects

Next, Rocku Yakiniku. Grafitis on the wall, street-like-culture feels, and its BBQ grill, simply rocks! More wagyu please!

Rocku BBQ Prime Set

Fancy some sukiyaki and shabu-shabu? Look no more. Sukiya has it! Just a few steps away from Rocku. Actually, both brands are under the same company; The Creative Eateries Group.

sukiyaki and shabu-shabu

How about a western interlude at Manhattan Fish Market? Ask for the Manhattan Flaming Seafood Platter and the Sizzling Brownie with Ice-Cream. Nice show.

Sizzling Brownie with Ice-Cream

Everyone's talking about the Korean wave. So, how about some Korean food? Patience, my friends. Seoul Yummy, the seventh destination. Seafood stew, spicy and shioks!

Seoul Yummy, communal dining

Still not done yet, proceeded to Ramen Champion to sample ramen from Aoyama, Bario, Gantetsu, Ikkousha, Iroha, Riki, Taishoken and Taka No Tsume. Each stall has their own specialties, so depending on your mood and cravings, we're spoilt for choice!

cold & spicy tsukemen (Taishoken)

Emerging victorious, with still some space in the tummy. Next, was Ireland's Potato, take-away.

cheesy baked potato skin, honey mustard, sour cream

How about something really cold & yummy, healthy and fat-free? Found that at Berrylite, 100% American fat-free frozen yoghurt.

soon to be launched (in April 2013): Greek yoghurt parfait

The finale of the Bugis+ Food Trail 2013, and last (11th) stop at Hawaiian Kitchen Aloha Ma Maison, located at Level 1. Pancakes!

homemade fruit pancakes with whipped cream

If you're interested to know more, just click on the individual links to the respective dining places. Click here to go back to the top links.

Special thanks to the organisers and our various hosts for this Bugis+ Food Trail. Thank you for the food, your time and the useful information! To fellow bloggers, pleased to meet you and till next time, take care!



Location: 201 Victoria Street, Singapore 188067
Operating hours: 10:00am to 10:00pm Daily


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